3:30 Marathon Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:35
Training Load By Week

Marathon training plan designed for those targeting a 3:30 finish. Athletes using this plan should be free from any injuries and currently running 3-4 times per week. They should be able to complete 90 minutes of running at an easy effort and have some experience of road running events. This program requires you to run 4-6 x per week with your longest runs at the weekend. The plan also includes email advice for 12 weeks from the date of purchase should you have any general questions about the program

This peformfitness.london training plan was designed by Keith Sanders. Keith is a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and a UK Athletics leader in running fitness. He has guided both novice athletes to their first finish and top age groupers to national age group titles. Racing as a competitive age group triathlete himself Keith’s PB’s include a 2hrs 02min Olympic triathlon, an Ironman best time of 9hrs and 8mins and a marathon PB of 2hrs 44mins. He has also competed at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in arguably one of the most competitive age groups (M30-34). Find out a little more about Keith at www.performfitness.london This training plan benefits from Keith’s experiences as both an athlete and coach to help guide you towards your best performance yet.

Sample Day 1
Easy run

Relaxed easy effort soft ground if possible

Sample Day 2
Fartlek pyramid 1

10mins build effort to moderate pace 1min easy 1min hard 1min easy 2min hard 1min easy 4mins hard 1min easy 2mins hard 1min easy 1mins hard 10mins moderate Cool down 5mins easy

Sample Day 4
30 second Hills

Warm up progressively for 10 minutes

3-4 x fast 60m strides on flat with walk back recovery

Main Set - Fins a hill that is approximately a 6% gradient

10-12 x 30 sec fast on hill - walk back recovery (~90 seconds)

Cool down with easy running to complete the duration of this run

Sample Day 5
Run -Cadance

On a flat course W/U 10- 15mins
5-6 x 1min at hight cadance (90spm+) take 1min easy running between each
10min easy running focus on fast reaction time to floor
8 x 60m Strides - Walk back recovery

Sample Day 6
Easy run

Relaxed easy pace

Sample Day 7
Long run

Long easy aerobic effort. Try to stick to soft ground and a moderately hilly course.

Sample Day 8
Easy run

Easy relaxed pace finish feeling fresh

Keith Sanders

A performance and fitness coach with over 14 years experience. Keith has a track record of success working with beginners to elite athletes locally, remotely and through applied training plans. Keith has first hand experience of balancing high level performance with life's many other commitments himself a 2:44 marathoner, multiple Ironman finisher (PB 9:08) and Kona qualifier.