Your best marathon in 20 weeks

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

This plan is specially designed for athletes looking for a personal best on the marathon.
It also contains core stability and strength exercises as injury prevention.

Sample Day 1
Endurance Run - 13km

In an endurance run, you should always stay in zone2. Refer to setting the zone's to know what zone2 should be for you.

Sample Day 3
Aerobic Capacity Interval - 10km

3 km warming up in zone1
5 x 200m in zone 5b with R20"
800m easy jogging in zone1
3 x 400m in zone5b with R30"
3 km easy cooling down in zone1

Sample Day 5
Endurance Run - 10 km

in zone2

Sample Day 8
Endurance Run - 15 km

in zone2

Sample Day 10
Aerobic Capacity interval - 11 km

3 km easy warming up in zone1
10' running technique drills
400m easy jogging in zone1
2 x 200m in zone5b R20"
2 x 400m in zone5b R30"
1 x 600m in zone5b R40"
1 x 800m in zone5b R50"
1 x 1000m in zone5b
4 km easy cooling down in zone1

Sample Day 12
Endurance Run - 13 km

in zone2

Sample Day 16
Easy Run - 12 km

in zone2

Filip Rigole
Endurance Peak Coaching

Lactate threshold testing for swim, bike and run / Swim video analysis / Running form
Running a SwimSquad based on SwimSmooth philosophy (3 sessions/week)
We do offer personal one-on-one coaching as well as trainingplans.

Trainingplans are customized based on your needs and event.