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Marathon Advanced 20 week plan - 50 - 90km per week


Steven Moody

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20 Weeks

Plan Specs

running marathon advanced hr based

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Plan Description

Advanced Marathon 18 week week plan

Coach Steve helped me take a full 16 minute off my marathon PB and qualify for Boston in my third marathon

Neil Murphy Dublin City marathon 2017 2:59:45

Who is this plan for?
This 20 week plan will help an advanced marathoner prepare for a PB based on 50 - 90 km of running per week.

To be successful with this plan you should have at least 2 - 3 years of running experience including completing a previous marathon to date.

Typical week
On avg the plan works off a basis of 5 run sessions and 2 full recovery day - with the hourly training load ranging from 6 - 9 hours a week.

NB it is strongly advised that athletes incorporate other non run based exercise such as Yoga, Pilates and/or stretching to minimize risk of injury

What do you get in this plan?
• “How to” document advising how to use the plan
• Training zones using feel, heart rate or pace
• Run sessions fully uploadable to compatible GPS devices and associated applications such as Garmin Connect etc

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Customer promise
I want you to be set for success with a plan that is right for you. So, if after the first few weeks of training, you feel over/under challenged by the training load - I will switch you free of charge to an equivalent plan from the Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced plans from my catalog.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:19 hrs 3:12 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:19 hrs 3:12 hrs
—— ——

Steven Moody 2017 Triathlon Ireland Coach of the year

SMart endurance solutions

*Triathlon Ireland coach of the year award winner 2017 based on athlete/peer voting*

Coach Steve has over 20 years experience in endurance sports racing, including numerous IRONMAN and 70.3 finishes (including 2xworld champ qualification)

As a full time coach (ITU & TP level 2, Ironman U and Tri Sutto certified), Steven specializes in helping time crunched Age Group triathletes & runners realize their goals.

See for sample client feedback

Sample Day 1

Run test - marathon - NB ideally done a few days before plan starts

To ensure your training is tailored to your current fitness/abilities - you need to complete a run test to get baseline HR zones which we use to direct sessions and monitor progress

NB needs GPS device and HR monitor device

Please ignore the target distance - indicative only - the actual distance will be determined by you

Best done on flat out and back course
Warm up gently for 10 mins (including stopping to stretch hamstrings/calves/glutes)

For the actual test you need to accelerate to a tempo which you believe you can sustain for 30 min continuous running, but not longer. This should feel difficult!

10 min warm down please

Once you have the HR data uploaded to this session - open via the analyse icon in the top right hand corner and follow the following steps outlined in the below link

Sample Day 2

Lactate threshold 13km w/6km @ half marathon pace

Lactate sessions are designed to teach your body to run at faster than marathon speed and thus give you "gears" rather than a single slow marathon pace - this helps build the "speed" element of the speed endurance required for a marathon

The best way to approach this session is short warm up 3km (z1) , then the lactate part of the session 6km in this case (mid range z3 effort) and then 4km cool down

Sample Day 4

General aerobic + speed w/10 x 100m strides

General aerobic runs should be only in z1 - z2 range - mid way in run add in 10x100m strides to spice things up

Sample Day 6

6km recovery

Recovery runs should never be higher than z1

Sample Day 7

Long Slow Run

Long Slow Runs are exactly as they sound - very easy paced - around z1/z2 sweet spot - objective here is to build your running stamina - we start off at 19km and build upwards

Sample Day 9

General aerobic 13km + speed w/10 x 100m strides

General aerobic runs should be only in z1 - z2 range - mid way in run add in 10x100m strides to spice things up

Sample Day 11

General aerobic run 16km

This medium distance run should be z2 range

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