Intro to Marathon || Beginners Plan

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Intro to Marathon || Beginners Plan


Lifelong Endurance


16 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Run, 1 Other, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

20 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon beginner hr based pace based

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Intro to Marathon

Beginners Plan

"It's not what you get from your training, it's what you become from your training"

Who is this plan for?
Are you looking to run your first marathon? Maybe you just finish your first couple half marathons and you're ready to bump things up a notch? This 16 week plan is dialed in to get you to the finish line of your first marathon confident and fit. This plan is ideal for a runner with some running experience that can confidently handle a 20 mile week of running from the start. this plan is designed for athletes who enjoy regular running with 5 days of running building to 6 days a week of running

This plan delivers a 16 week training schedule for a beginner runner who enjoys running and wants to work up to a full weekly schedule of running. This plan isn't for a casual 3 days-a-week runner. This plan is ideal for an athlete who enjoys making running part of their weekly training regimen. This plan is ideal for an athlete tackling a flat or rolling course. Extremely hilly courses may need some adjustments. Contact if you have questions. This is a strict build up without any pre-scheduled tune up races. Ideally your last tune up race is 3-4 weeks from your goal race.

Before you jump in you should be able to complete:
At least 2-3 half marathons in recent history
Be confident with running and building running into your weekly schedule

This plan is great for athletes pursuing rolling or flat marathon courses like CIM, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Rock'N Roll Arizona, Marine Corp Marathon, or Grandma's Marathon

Questions? You can find us on the web at or email Coaches directly at:


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:06

Sample Day 1

First Run-Easy Aerobic Effort

3.1 miles/ 5km
First run, what a great adventure you have ahead!
Focus on keeping your pace even and easy. A good rule is to try and run the easy days at a "conversational" pace, meaning you could talk to a good friend the whole run. Make sure your breathing is not labored and you do not feel as though you are taxing yourself.

Sample Day 2

Easy Aerobic Run

In the future, you will focus on speed on Tuesdays. However, this week we are still working on getting the miles up.
Keep your pace conversational and be mindful of any fatigue or soreness you may be feeling.

Sample Day 4

Easy Aerobic Run

3.1mi/5kHopefully you are feeling strong and rested after your recovery day. Keep this pace easy and conversational

Sample Day 5

Test your zones

2 Miles/ 3km Easy
20:00 Continuous Best Effort
2 Miles/ 3km Easy

Focus on starting this effort in a smooth and controlled manner. We want to determine your fitness and understand how well you pace yourself. This will ensure that your workouts the next 8 weeks are dialed in specifically for you!

Send an e-mail to - and we'll hop in, take a look and give you some feedback.

Sample Day 6

Long Run

This run will gradually grow in length, however, for the time being, take it easy and focus on sustaining your effort.

Sample Day 8

Easy Aerobic Run

3.1 miles/ 5km
You may have a bit of energy from the recovery day. Resist the urge to push hard and run fast. This should be an easy, conversational pace.
Remember, when you take recovery days slow, you are better able to push the speed on the workout days.

Sample Day 9

Speed Work: Flying 200sX8

Total: 5mi/ 8k

Warm-up: 2mi/3k
Keep your pace consistent and conversational. Focus on staying relaxed on your stride and your breathing.

1st set
Flying 200sX4
Run the first 200 at 5k pace; instead of stopping at the end of the 200, continue walking around the track until you return to the start line. Once you reach the start line, begin running at 5k pace again. Repeat 4 times.

Rest 90-120 seconds in between the two sets.

2nd set
Same as the previous set, start the first 200 at 5k pace, slowing to a job at the end of the 200. Jog back to the start and repeat 4 times.

Cool down:
1m/1k cool down at a comfortable and conversational pace

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