Advanced Road Running 42km Sub 3 hours - 13 weeks (V3.1)

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:41

This Training Program is aimed at an Advanced Marathon Road Runner looking for an intense training program to build enough speed and endurance to complete a marathon in under 3 hours.

Training volume builds from 7 hours and 34 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours and 01 minutes.

This program is 13 weeks long:
1 Test Week,
9 Training Weeks,
2 Taper weeks
1 Recovery Week.

After completing the tests in the Test and Re-Test weeks, submit your data here:

This is a free service.

As the training zones for this program are based on %Max Heart Rate you will need a Heart Rate Monitor to get the best results.
We whole-heartedly recommend the POLAR brand. (See what we did there?)

Requirements for this program:
You need to have access to a 400m running track for the Test Week and 5km Time Trial route which you can access in the Test Week and the Re-Test Week.

When participating in an endurance training program, you can enhance your training and hence performance by including Flexibility and Core training sessions
Both a running-specific core strength and flexibility training program are included with this program.

Assumptions of the program:
You have a long history of intense running training.
You have not been injured in the last 18 months.
Your current half marathon pace is sub 1 hour 25 minutes

Sample Day 1
Run Test - MAF

Step 1:
Calculate your MAF Training Zone here:

Step 2:
Download the PDF attached

WU: (Warm Up)
10 mins jog
5 x 80m building "run throughs", walk back

MS: (Main Set)
3 x 1 Mile (4 laps of a track) @ 180 minus your age
2 mins walk between

LD: (Loosen Down)
5 mins easy jog

*measure your time and average heart rate for each mile
**if possible, take a split time on each lap (400m) of each mile.

Email results ASAP

Sample Day 3
Run Test - 5km TT

Download attached PDF
WU: (Warm Up)
8 mins Z1
5 mins Z2
3 mins Z3

30 secs Strides (start at a slow pace, build up to fast - not sprint - pace)
1 min walk
Repeat 4 times.

MS: (Main Set)
Run 5km as hard as possible at a pace you can maintain for the entire TT (Time Trial)

LD: (Loosen Down)
10 mins Z1

*record time and average heart rate for the 5km TT
**record a split time and average heart rate for each km

Enter your test data here:

Sample Day 4
Recovery Walk

30 min Walk

Sample Day 6
1.5km Run TT

Warm Up:
15 min easy Jog
2 x 2 min @ 75% pace with 2 min walk between.
Main Set:
Run 1500m @ max effort
Cool Down:
5 min easy jog
Send us the results ASAP
*record time for the 1.5km TT
**record Max and Average heart rate of the 1.5km TT
***record your 500m splits

Sample Day 7
Recovery Walk

30 min Walk

Sample Day 9

10 mins Z1
45 secs Z4

10 mins Z2
45 secs Z4

repeat 3 times

10 mins Z1

Sample Day 9
Core Training - Running (4 sets)

5 mins Z1
5 mins Z2

Core Training
4 sets of each exercise.

5 mins Z1

Coach Shamus

I have been an active participant for almost 40 years.
I have competed in the World Championships at an age group level in 1993 & 1994. In 1995 was an Elite for Olympic Distance triathlon.
I was also selected for duathlon and long distance triathlon.
Represented Polar Heart Rate monitors for 5 years, so the measure of all my training programs is Heart Rate based.
First qualified as a coach in 1993.
I studied Human Movement Science at the University of Pretoria 1991 to 1994.