Marathon Training with Strength 20 week


Michelle Handren

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20 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Strength, 1 Custom, 4 Run

Longest Workout

26.2 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon beginner intermediate hr based pace based strength

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Beginner to intermediate Marathon training plan incorporating strength and mobility work.
This plan has 4 runs a week, 2-3 strength/core workouts and multi day mobility work. The workouts are 6 days a week on and one day off.

All strength protocols are created to make your stronger, more fatigue resistant and progress and tape in complement to your run progressions.

This plan ensures you do not forget mobility work by having specific reminders through out the week.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:11
Average Weekly Breakdown

Michelle Handren

M3E Coaching

M3E's coaching philosophy is based on science, inspiration and motivation. Our approach starts with listening to the athlete's why and from there a plan is created to take you; a beginner to world class endurance athlete, to the next level of performance while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.
We have helped athletes of all levels reach their personal athletic goals; whether those goals are finishing an event, getting faster, taking on a new challenge or anything in between.

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Sample Day 1

Structural balance 12-15 reps A1

Poliquin step up 
DB row PRO
Push ups (can also be elevated)
SET: 3, REST: 60", REPS: 12-15 TEMPO: 2010

Alt Lying hamstring curls ECC (2feet up, 1 foot down)
Rev fly - bent over
Bench DB N incline 60%
SET: 3, REST: 60", REPS: 12-15 TEMPO: 2010

Back extension 45%
Alt Standing ECC calf raises 
Side plank 30-40sec 
SET: 3, REST: 60", REPS: 12-15 TEMPO: 2010

Sample Day 2

1 Mile TT

WU: 10 min easy jog
Dynamic and Drills (do all of them)

2 x 20" HARD(strides) followed by 90 sec recovery as easy jog between them then 4-5 min rest
1 Mile TT( this should be all out for the entire mile)
Full rest 8 - 10 min
1x 400 (all out for the 400)

CD: Easy 5-10 easy jog

NOTE: The pace of your 1 mile time trial will determine your pacing for tempo runs, long runs, recovery runs and speed work. You can use a pace calculator to get specific numbers. I really like the McRun App for this.

Sample Day 2

Running Dynamic Warm Up + Drills

This is the Dynamic Warm #1-6/Drills #7-9 up for Running.
WU: 5-10 Easy Jog
MS: *DRILLS (to be done on soft surface or concentrate on exaggerated good form for each drill as opposed to speed). Drill distance is 50-100m, recovery is easy jog/walk back to start point.
1. High Knees
2. Butt Kicks
3. Skipping (for height)
4. Side Shuffle with arm swing in front (1-2x each direction
5. Karaoke/Grapevines (1-2x each direction)
6. Backwards run( with perfect running form, stretch out those legs as you go back like your run forward)
7. Marching
8. A-skips
9. Russian Dance
10. B-skips
11. Strides (fast but smooth running for 80-100m but with perfect form).


Sample Day 3

Structural balance - Glute & upperback

Lateral band walk 60"
Side lying leg lift 10x3" pauses
Single leg dead lift DB or kettle 10x (3010)
Hip bridge-on bench w/ BB x 10 (2310)
High box step up BW 15x (1010)
SET: 3, REST: 60"

Knee ext rot DB 15x (2010)
Low trap - on incline bench 10x3" pauses
Terese minor - side lying DB 15x (2010)
Reverse fly bent over DB 15x
Dog pointer w/ DB 10x3" pauses
SET: 3, REST: 60"

Sample Day 4

Tempo 5 x 5 min

WU: 10 min easy with dynamic and drills.
MS: 5 x 5 min @ Tempo with 2-3 min jog between
CD: easy 5 run/walk and end with hamstring stretch

Sample Day 5

Tissue work

Foam roll each body part for 4min. Be sure to set a timer. Glutes, ITB, calf = 24min. Foam roll before you go into the stretches. If you need other areas, give those love as well.

90/90 (pidgin)
Hip flexor stretch
Couch stretch
Down dog
-Hold each of these stretches for at least 1min each.

Sample Day 6

Time Trial - 30min - Maffetone Method

WU: 5 min walk/jog then dynamic warm up and drills.
MS: Start your run working into an easy pace, increase the intensity until you reach a HR that is 180 - age within +/- 2beats. Once your reach that HR, hit the "lap" function and record the distance you get in 30 min AT THAT HEART RATE.
CD: run the remaining time easy to get a total of 9 miles

NOTE: This pace will be your aerobic capacity. If you find you are doing a run walk to keep your HR in line then your long runs need to be very easy to make sure you gain aerobic fitness. If this was easy then congratulations on starting training with a good aerobic base.

Marathon Training with Strength 20 week

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