Intermediate Marathon Plan by Distance with Strength


Coach BK 500RYT, NASM PT, Ironman U Certified

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20 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Strength, 1 Other, 3 Run, 1 X-Train

Longest Workout

20 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon intermediate weightloss time goal multi day hr based strength

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:39
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:39
Average Weekly Breakdown

Coach BK

Wolfpack Triathlon Coaching

What describes me best ... I am a very goal oriented person that is always striving to learn more, do more and find that next best version of myself. Each athlete I coach gets very individualized attention, concerning all aspects of health and well being. I deliver training plans weekly and month based on feedback on works and other aspects that my athletes communicate to me. My philosophy is to be healthier and happier at the end of your goal race. Ready to take on that next big challenge.

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Sample Day 1

WELCOME To Wolfpack's Marathon Training Plan

Welcome to Strength Training For Triathlon:
The Wolfpack Tri Club & Brave Soul Coaching

This strength training program is designed to be coupled with a "normal" swim bike run routine. The strength workouts and placed in sequence to support and compliment the work done with swim/bike/run.

Included with the purpose of this training plan, you get an Athlete Health/Performance Assessment. This is an online form that you complete and a 45 minute phone call. You will receive a Recommendation/Resource Summary Email.

Assessment Form:

Feel free to move things around, work to not work too hard on one day, like a heavy lifting day and a hard bike workout day. However, do not shy away from lifting with legs and then doing a bike or a run. While the first time or two that you do this it will feel difficult, you will get use to it.

For extra support with strength training, or swim bike and run, team discounts and what not, check out Joining our Wolfpack Tri Club. It's a virtual club with lots of support, weekly coaching videos, team discounts and all the fixings.

Wolfpack Tri Club/Brave Soul Coaching provides Nutrition Coaching, Strength and Condition, Yoga, Triathlon Training, Focused Bike and Run Coaching, Life Coaching. Feel free to connect with us if you have questions.

The "S/B/R Normal Plan placeholder" is just meant to let you know what we are planning the strength around. It isn't a big deal if your plan is different from that unless you are approaching a big race. If this is the case, email us and we can utilize a mini coaching session that is designed for us to arrange your strength to accommodate your race/goals.

Sample Day 1

Functional Core Strength

- Front Plank - hold for 30-60sec (builds core, hip, shoulder stregth/stability) - Side Plank w/ Arm raise - lie on side on the floor w/ elbow resting directly under shoulder. Raise torso off ground so your body is in a straight line from ankles to head. Raise top arm straight up from shoulder, palm up toward ceiling, hold then lower to side again - 10reps both sides - Bicycle Kicks x20 each leg - Ab crunch w/ medicine ball - lie on back over a stability ball -hold medicine ball in your hands - crunch - x15 - Back extension on stability ball - x15 - Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg on stability ball - x15 each side

Sample Day 2

Run LT Field Test


Run Functional Threshold Test
WU: 15 minutes
Warm up your choice for 10 minutes.
During the next 5 minutes. Start with 1 HARD effort minute. Not all all. Very strong.
Spin easy 1 minute.
Slightly harder effort for 1 minute.
Spin easy 1 minute.
Slightly harder effort for 1 minute and then transition WITHOUT STOPPING to the MS. 30 minute time trial.

MS: time trial 20 minutes. 5K effort! RACE IT!
For the first 5 minutes, you should be working hard, but not already questioning if you can do it.
Each 5 minutes, pick up the effort.
The last 5 minutes should be an all out effort where you are not sure if you can continue but you dig deep and get it done. DO NOT STOP. PUSH THROUGH.

Garmin or avg heart rate during HARD effort.
CD: 10 min cool down.

Sample Day 3

Hip Knee Strength 2

Series of strength work in the gym to support and strengthen SI area. All are 3 sets of 10 -Bosu ball step back/knee lift -Abduction machine -Adduction machine -Sit ups with knees bent/feet together -Step up on bench/knee lift with 5-20# weight in opposite hand -Set up, opposite hand/foot on bosu ball or floor -Goblet squats 10 - 45# -hamstring/glut cable pull -Ab side crunch w weight -Back extensions w weight

Sample Day 4

0:45 Free Run

Nice and easy run for 45 minutes. (there is to be ZERO pain if this is a come back to running run)

Sample Day 5

Non Impact Cardio or Cross Training

Do an hour of non impact cardio or a cross training session.

Sample Day 6

7 Mile Base Building Run

WU: 15 min easy run
MS: run in zone 2 for 17 minutes, increasing effort for 3 minutes into zone 3. Repeat. For duration of run.
CD: 10 min easy run

Intermediate Marathon Plan by Distance with Strength

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