12 week Marathon

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12 week Marathon


Tobias Alt

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 2 Strength, 5 Run

Longest Workout

19.88 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon intermediate advanced hr based strength

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12week for Marathon
Level: Beginners to Advanced

This plan was completed by my running group.
4 out of 10 runners achieved a new personal best.
The plan is based on the distance (not time)

In addition to running is part of the plan:
Alternatively swimming and / or cycling for regeneration.
Also Core and Stability.

3weeks of Training and 1 week recover:

Phase 1: Base
Phase 2: Build
Phase 3: Taper & Race


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

Tobias Alt

Tobinature Coaching

Nach 12 Jahren Ausdauersport (Laufen und Triathlon) 5 Jahre Vereinstrainer und 10 Jahre Leistungssport im Triathlon möchte ich meine Erfahrung an Sportler weitergeben, um gemeinsam den individuellen Weg zur besten Leistung und besten Entwicklung zu finden.

After 12 years endurance sport in running and triathlon, 5 years of club trainer, 10 years of competitive sport in triathlon, I would now like to share my experience to athletes and to work together with the athlete for best results.

Sample Day 1

9k Run LIT (Low Intens)

9km steady but easy Run, Low Intensiv

Sample Day 2

3x (4x300m progressive) High Intensive Intervalls (HiT)

20min Warmup with running technique included
3x (4x 300m Running Intervalls)
10min cooldown

Sample Day 4

12-13k Steady-Run

Normal running, steady and comfortable pace

Sample Day 5

12-13k steady run with run-technique

warmup 15min,
--> 10min steady easy run, than 1 technique exercise, repeated 3x, than back to 10min run.....
Finish after 12k

Sample Day 6

17k Long Run (low intensiv, LiT)

Sample Day 8

11k Run LIT (Low Intens)

11k steady but easy Run, Low Intensiv

Sample Day 9

4x 2000m (800+1200 degressive) Intervalls

- 20min Warmup with running technique and mobility movements included
- 4x 2000m (800m hard and 1200m fast but not too hard) --> Rest between 3 min <--
- 10min cooldown

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