Yorkshire 3 peaks fell race 2020


Tim Pigott

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20 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 6 Run, 1 Bike, 1 Day Off, 1 Custom

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

running marathon intermediate advanced time goal hr based

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This plan prepares you for the classic 3peaks fell race.

You should have a good background level of fitness with experience at the long trail and fell racing (which is a prerequisite for entry into the race).

To get the most out of this program it is advisable to use a heart rate monitor, although reference to the Borg scale is also used with attached additional information. Sessions are set as time-based rather than distance due to running on trails and fells for most of your training. Key sessions in this plan are built using RPE as your guide. See the 'Heart Rate Training' version of this plan if you want specific heart rate zones to guide you.

It is advisable to supplement with your own strength program on top of this, there are core and stability tests built into the program for you to assess your own needs.

This plan is based around at least 1 rest / active recovery day per week, and only 1 run per day.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:04

Tim Pigott

Health & Performance 3

My area of expertise is working with athletes who have been struggling with illness or injury and returning them to peak performance, particularly the longer distance events.

I am a sports physiotherapist, with over 15yrs experience working with beginners through to international & Olympic athletes from a multitude of sports, and university researcher. Coupled with S&C, Retül Bike Fit (IBFI 4), British Triathlon level2 and British Athletics, I can help you return to, or realise your potential.

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Sample Day 1

Optional - easy recovery spin

This is an optional session. Either rest completely or do an easy 20min spin on a bike, cross trainer or swim. Low load, very easy effort, non-impact. The addition of some light cross training can help with recovery from hard sessions and improve the muscles ability to generate energy (boosting the number of mitochondria).

Sample Day 2

Test - VO2 test set (5x 3mins)

Warm up 10-15mins + drills.
6min max effort (This is the test). 6min recovery.
Then do a workout of:
3min effort, 3min recovery.
repeat the 3min efforts as set on your program.
Cool down.

Sample Day 3

Main drills and skills set

Drills & Skills Warm Up (10 mins) Over roughly 40m do the following repeats: 1) Arms circling fwd and bkd.-1st walking 2nd jogging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-umvB6q-tk0 2) Arms X front – clap behind.- 1st walking – 2nd jogging 3) Look behind – keep hips forward, rotate at the thoracic spine/shoulders- alternating left and right hand sides.- 1st walking – 2nd jogging 4) Carioca – sometimes called a Grapevine .Side on to direction and one foot ( rt ) crosses over in front of supporting leg,( lft ) then supports, next step by the (rt ) foot goes behind the left support leg. So its one in front – one behind. Change the leading side next repeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhGsLFBENYE 5) Running backwards. 6) Side stepping cross overs.- change sides when you want to / or repeat with other leg leading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdR45HFxUJE All the recoveries are walking back the 40 metres to the start. Main set Skill Drills. Over 20 – 30 metres Recoveries are walk backs Medium high knees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhUwdZZ4VSQ Single leg butt kicks ( heel kicks butt ) ie. Left leg only, then right leg only. Work on your co-ordination. Double leg butt kicks ( heels kicks butt 2 x ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x0Cm3yK-hc Single high knee into single butt kicks (same side ) Accelerators 3 X 60mtr. @ 50%- 60% - 70% speed. Walking medium lunges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7-Zfncd5yI Fast feet. Cover around 10 metres only jog the rest of the way Accelerators. 3 X 60mtr. @ 60% - 70% - 80% Plyometrics. – 2 foot jumps 3x 30 on the spot (30sec rest) –relaxed at ankle, knees and hips, light on toes – fast reaction off the ground (imagine it’s v.v.v.hot) 3x 30 forward and back (over a line) 3x 30 side to side Cool down – light stretching / walk.

Sample Day 3

Bunkie - plank routine (Test)

Bunkie test – high level stability along fascia lines (see attached word document for pictures of each position)
The five testing positions are the posterior power line (figure1), the anterior power line (figure 2), the posterior stabilizing line (figure 3), the lateral stabilizing line (figure 4), and the medial stabilizing line (figure 5).
In each testing position, both feet are initially supported on the bench with the upper extremities (palms and forearms) supporting the upper body. Once positioned, the athlete will raise one leg/foot a few inches off of the table/ bench. It is suggested that athletes should be able to hold this position for 40 seconds.
Posterior Power line
Anterior stabilising line
Posterior stabilising line
Lateral stabilising line
Medial stabilising line


Record your times for each position (single leg)

Sample Day 4

1hour with 3x 4min hill efforts

include 3x 4min hard uphill, 3min easy in a 90min endurance run.

Sample Day 6

90min with 4x 3min efforts

Mostly easy run but include 4x 3min hard uphill efforts, with at least 3min easy running rest interval in a 90min base endurance run.

Sample Day 6

Foam roller / soft tissue mobility

Yorkshire 3 peaks fell race 2020

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