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RP Marathon Novice 4 d/wk


Alex Harrison

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24 Weeks

Plan Specs

running marathon beginner

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Plan Description

A running plan for a new exerciser or someone with very little cardiovascular fitness background. This plan blends running and walking, and other optional forms of non-impact cardio training, plus suggested resistance training days, to progress you to completion of your first marathon. The goal of this plan is to prepare you to run a marathon from start to finish with no walk-breaks and without needing to stop in the middle to catch your breath!

Training Plan Information:
4 days per week running
24 total weeks, with your first marathon on week 24. (modifiable to as few as 9 weeks)
Starting weekly running mileage: 4 Miles
Highest weekly running mileage: 35 Miles
Lowest single-session running mileage: 800 meters (broken up in smaller pieces in Week 1)
Highest single-session running mileage: 20 Miles (in Week 22! You’ll get there!)

Recommended Prerequisites to use this training plan:
Users should be able to successfully jog about 400 meters without stopping (no time/pace requirement).
Users should be able to walk about 1.5 miles in one session (no time/pace requirement, stops okay).

We recommend that you move up to the "Beginner" training plan series if you currently do, or have done in the last 6 months, any one of the following or any combination of the following:
Run 3 Miles without stopping (no pace requirement).
Run 8 miles per week, or more, as a part of your fitness routine.
Exercise vigorously with other forms of cardiovascular exercise like cycling/spinning, rowing or some form of "functional fitness," 4 or more hours per week.

Suggested RP Diet Products to pair with this training plan:
RP Diet Templates for Fat Loss, which comes with Maintenance. All workouts in this plan are rated to be paired with the various RP Diet Templates.
or, RP 1:1 Diet Coaching
or, (coming soon!) RP Endurance Diet Templates

Suggested RP Training Products:
Male and Female Physique Training Templates
or, Weightlifting Hypertrophy and Strength Templates
or, Powerlifting Hypertrophy, Strength, and Peaking Templates
or, Weight Training for Endurance Athletes Templates (coming soon!)
or, RP 1:1 Training Coaching


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
22mi 27mi
—— ——
0:38 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
22mi 27mi
—— ——
0:38 hrs 1:00 hrs

Alex Harrison

Renaissance Periodization (RPstrength)

Science is Stronger

PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance from East Tennessee State University
Level 2 Coach, Endurance (USATF)
Level 1 Coach, Triathlon, (USAT)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Weightlifting Coach, Level 1, (USAW)

Assistant Track and Field Coach, ETSU, NCAA Division 1
Youth and Masters Track and Field Coach, WA State, National & World Champions
Youth, Elite-Development, and Masters Triathlon Coach

Sample Day 1


Sample Day 3


Sample Day 4


Sample Day 6


Sample Day 7

Optional Cardio CrossTrain

Low intensity, steady state NON-IMPACT cardio. Cycling/spinning, rowing, elliptical, arm-cycle ergometer, swimming, water-aerobics, or other non-impact exercise.

Sample Day 8


Sample Day 10


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