Marathon: Professional trainings for amateurs ( +Core&Stretching )

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Marathon: Professional trainings for amateurs ( +Core&Stretching )


Pulse perfo

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24 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Run

Longest Workout

3:20 hrs

Plan Specs

running marathon advanced masters time goal pace based strength

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“Train Hard Win Easy”
-Toby Tanser

Work hard and be consistent, the feeling in finish line will be amazing when reach the goal.

Structured for experienced runners, with no time restrictions.

@Copryight (Run & Core & Strength):
The plan was made by Kristian Grünfeld, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Pulse Performance. It was created on the basis of learning from: Renato Canova (ITA), Alberto Salazar (USA) and his own experience in a professional running career, working with various trainers, physiotherapists and other experts in the field of sports and sport in general. In addition to theory, the author also practically undertook approaches to his clients. Pulse Performance is a team of two young cycling and running trainers.
@Copryight (Stretching): Neja jeršin

“Marathon PRO training plan MASTER/ADVANCE (+Core and Stretching)”
The plan contains 24 weeks of training. The first 4 weeks are introductory or recovery if your recently run a Marathon. Then two stages of training are followed. General / Classic / Basic preparation-10 weeks and then a specific marathon preparation for 10 weeks. Last 3 weeks are tapering. In week plan contains 6 running trainings, from 30 minutes to 3 hours, from easy to very hard workouts, core workouts (stabilization), stretch training.. Long runs on Saturdays, Sundays are off/rest days. Training is 1x per day.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:00

Pulse Performance Coaching

Pulse Performance

We are working with elite, juniors, amateurs and recreational cyclists and runners. In the lest 3 years we had the pleasure to work with UWCT TimeTrial World champion and three national champions in RR and TT riders.

Sample Day 1

Easy run.

We are starting our journey. If you are right after marathon or after session pause you will have same start. First 4 weeks are Transition phase. So just easy jogging/running to Prepare our body for real trainings.

ps: If you are not jet, please put your MARATHON PACE for your TRESHOLD PACE!

Today you have 30' Easy run and 3 strides + "Stretching I".

Sample Day 2

Easy run + core exercises.

Today you have 30' Easy run and 3 strides, after that you have "Core 1" and "Stretching 1".

Sample Day 5

Easy run.

Today you have 60' Easy run and 3 strides + "Stretching 1".

Sample Day 6

Easy run.

Today you have 60' Easy run and 3 strides "Stretching 1".

Sample Day 9

Easy run + running technique.

Today you have 30' Easy run and 3 strides, after that you do some "Running technique" + "Stretching 1".

ps: if you have aggility ladder you can also some exercsises for coordination and speed.

Sample Day 10

Easy run + strides.

Today you have 60' Easy run and 10 strides + "Stretching 1".

Sample Day 11

Easy run.

Today you have 40' Easy run and some strides (3-6) + "Streching 1"

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