18 Week Marathon Training Cycle | 55-70 Miles Per Week + Strength Training


Andrew Simmons

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18 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Other, 2 Strength, 6 Run

Longest Workout

22 miles

Plan Specs

running marathon advanced hr based

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18 Week Advanced Marathon Plan | 55-70 miles per week

"It's not what you get from your training, it's what you become from your training"

Built for athletes who are looking to take their training to the next level. This plan is built around 6 days of running with long runs on Sunday, and a full recovery day on Monday. Built out of here is a steady amount of mileage that most athletes need 3+ years of marathon training under their belt to feel comfortable with. Significant speed work and threshold hold work will turn you into an aerobic marathon monster.

Road Running
Created by USATF Level 2 Endurance Coach and Athlete Andrew Simmons. This plan is built on the knowledge gained from years of coaching, and 10+ years as an amateur elite runner (36+ Marathon or longer distance race finishes). Andrew has a passion for coaching that is evident in not only his personal performances but in the success his athletes see on race day.

This plan delivers an 18 week training schedule that will have you training 8-10+ hours per week to build towards a goal marathon. Each week follows a familiar pattern with recovery running days balancing your workout days. This plan follows a 4 week periodization with a down week or recovery week every 4th week. This recovery week accompanies a shift in the training to increase mileage and intensity so it’s well timed. This plan has produced numerous sub 3:00 finishes and is best for athletes who enjoy mileage and aren’t necessarily needing 2 threshold workouts every week to feel satiated. This plan can be set to start on any Monday and will run for 18 Weeks.

Strength Training in this plan is focused on building a storng powerful lowerbody. This is rooted in a focused power and functional strength program. The strength days are combined with your off days and one of your lighted days to keep you motivated and doing active recovery on days after big runs. As you approach the racing season built into this plan, strength tapers off so you can feel fresh and prepared to do your best! This is an excellent way to facilitate recovery without taking on the pounding of running!

Before you jump in you should be able to complete:

  • Have run multiple 55+ Mile weeks in the past
  • Successful in fueling for your marathons
  • 16 miles in one go

  • You can find us on the web at lifelongendurance.com or email Coach Andrew directly at :andrew@lifelongendurance.com

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    Training Load By Week
    Training Load By Week
    Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:08

    Andrew Simmons

    Lifelong Endurance

    Coach Andrew Simmons draws from certification, experience, and hard science to help athletes achieve there goals. Andrew specializes in working with distance runners looking to conquer the 5K to the marathon and beyond.

    Run Coaching:

    • Road Running (Mile - Marathon)
    • Ultra Running (50K - 100 Mile)
    • Sky Running/ Mountain Running


    • Running Specific Strength and Condtioning
    • Injury Specfic Strength and Conditioning (will work alongside PT team)
    • Running Form and Gait Analysis

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    Sample Day 1

    Workout - Threshold

    3 miles easy
    4 miles @ 15km to half marathon pace
    2 miles easy

    Sample Day 2

    Zone 2 Recovery Run

    10 Miles Easy and controlled in HR Zone 2

    Sample Day 3

    Recovery Run

    5 Miles Easy and controlled in HR Zone 2

    Sample Day 4

    General Aerobic

    8 Mile Aerobic and Easy in HR Zone 2

    Sample Day 5

    Recovery Run or Crosstrain

    This is an easy day. You can run, ride, or even swim!

    Sample Day 6

    Long Run

    Week 1 - Easy long Run focused on building your base to achieve a 50+ Mile week as we kick things off

    Sample Day 8

    Workout - Threshold

    8 Miles with 5x 200m Strides w/ 100m walk or jog between

    18 Week Marathon Training Cycle | 55-70 Miles Per Week + Strength Training

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