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Full Training Plan: Base to Race Plan, Gait Analysis, Movement Screening, and Custom Programming


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1 Week

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running marathon beginner intermediate advanced masters

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Plan Description


Overview: The Internet’s Number 1 customized Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screen Training Plan. The Training Plan Source has created the Ultimate Training Plan for the Do it Yourself Athlete. This plan is not a cookie cutter program but a customized Training Plan (for up to 30 weeks out from race day) for each athlete’s specific needs to assure that they RESPOND, EVOLVE, PERFORM.

The Training Plan process starts off by you sending us simple videos over the internet. We process this video in our state of the art software and create a customized video report for you to improve your skill and function. We also analyze the results to create for you a customized corrective exercise and/or injury management regime to have you ready to execute your Full Base to Race Training Program and have you firing on all cylinders.

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Purchase of this plan includes:. Access to how to training videos, e-guide, both pdf and excel versions of the workout plans for easy printing and progress tracking.

***It is always recommended to see your physician before starting a new exercise program***


Designed by the Certified Athletic Trainers, Strength Specialists, and IRONMAN Certified Coaches at The Training Plan Source Powered by IREP Athletics LLC.  Anthony J Ross ATC, CSCS, M. Ed., Scott Proscia BS ATC, M. Ed., IRONMAN Certified Coach, and Colin Kalescky BS CPT bring you plans that incorporate over 25+ years of combined education and experience designed to help YOU achieve your personal fitness goals and Respond Evolve Perform.

Questions? Please visit or for performance and endurance questions email Coach Scott at: and for Injury Management, Weight Loss, and Strength questions email Coach Anthony at:

Prior to using this plan, you should be injury free, able to exercise, and have the time available to be consistent

Training for another race? Trying to improve strength, lose weight, or dealing with a nagging injury? Visit for all of your training and fitness needs.

Purchase and utilization of this plan means that you accept the waiver and terms associated for IREP Athletics LLC.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:45 hrs 0:30 hrs
2:25 hrs 1:25 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
0:45 hrs 0:30 hrs
2:25 hrs 1:25 hrs

Training Load By Week

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

What is the training plan source?
The Training Plan Source is a one stop shop for the Do It Yourself endurance athlete.

Our training plans are made by Expert Coaches at IREP Athletics. Our coaches have athletic and competitive experience as well as Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, sports medicine, and engineering giving us a unique advantage in writing world class training plans by providing educational platforms for YOU to Respond, Evolve, Perform at the highest level.

Sample Day 1

Before you start

Thank you for your purchase of an IREP Atheltics / The Training Plan Source Training Plan

If you have any inquiries regarding this plan please forward them to and one of our coaches will be happy to assist you.

You can always visit us at and for additional information on our service and to select the next plan as your training progresses.

Attached is a Training Plan Instruction guide. You will utilize this guide once we have developed your training plan based on your goals, movement screening, and gait analysis

Sample Day 1


Base to Race Intro Video:

Congratulations you have purchased the most customized training plan on the market today! This is the ultimate training plan for the Do It Yourself Athlete.

We will be utilizing various assessment data to help develop a fully customized and tailored training plan.

For the best and most accurate training plan it would be helpful for you to fill out our athlete intake questionaire found here:

Under Prefered Coach Select Purchased the Base to Race Gait and FMS Plan.

That will let us know your a preferred customer.

Please follow the instructions on performing your Gait Analysis and Movement Screening. Once we receive all of your videos we will start analyzing and send you the details on what we saw and your training plan.

Please allow approximately 7-10 days for full review of your videos and training plan as we are thorough and receive them in high volume.

To attach your Training Peaks Accounts Please follow the instructions on

Sample Day 2

Movement Screening Video Instructions

For this portion of the Training Plan, you will need to send us videos of you performing the following movements (please utilize the video links for instructions on how to properly perform each movement:

Pre-Testing Introduction:

1. Deep Squat

2. Hurdle Step

3. In-Line Lunge

4. Shoulder Mobility and Clearing

5. Active Straight Leg Raise

6. Trunk Stability Push-Up and Clearing Test

7. Rotary Stability and Clearing Test

Video Saving Instructions:
Please save your video in the following format:

Send Each Video to:
The subject of your email should be the same as the name of the video. i.e: TestName_YourName

You may also upload your videos to youtube and share the links with

Sample Day 2

Gait Analysis Videos

For this portion of the analysis you will be sending us 2 videos of you running at "all day pace" or your comfortable marathon running pace.

Set up on a nice flat/even running surface approximately 25-30 yards

Video 1: Front and BackView

Video 2: Side Views

Once you have completed the videos please save them by labelling the view and your last name: example: View_YourName

Then email them to with the subject line being the same as the name of the video: View_YourName

Sample Day 3

Example Drill Run: 1hr - Drill Run A

5 min Warmup 5 min Dynamic Warmup - butt kicks, Heel Runs, Walking Quad Stretch, Wooden Soldiers, Prone Cross (see 20 min Zone 2 4 x 20 steps of Walking Lunge/50 meters of Power Skipping "bounding" 25 min Zone 2

Sample Day 5

Example Run Day: 10 x 800m on 400m recovery

1 mile (1600M) warm up on the track
10 x 1/2 mile (800m) Hard approx 5k pace with 400 meters easy jog between each
1 mile (1600M) warm up on the track

We will stimulate some of our type II fibers in this workout. It is important that we don't create a horseshoe or "U" type effort curve during this workout. (You do this by starting out fast slowing to recover and speeding up at the end of the interval). Alternatively what I want you to do is gradually build into the effort for the interval and finish strong. I should see either a very steady effort across the interval or a slight increase in effort as the interval progresses.

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