IRONMAN 70.3 Base Phase I (Exportable Power Based Bike Workouts)

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:15
Training Load By Week


This Training Plan runs for a total of 5 weeks. This plan starts with an initial baseline testing week (4 days/week) followed by a 4 week base training (5 days/week) development plan that targets the following key components of the athletes physiology: Aerobic Efficiency, Skill Development, Muscular Strength

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***It is always recommended to see your physician before starting a new
exercise program***

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An Athlete Using This Plan should have the ability to:

  • Run continuously for 1 hour, Bike continuously for 1.5-2hrs, and Swim 1000 Meters continuously

  • Be Injury Free

  • Be able to exercise vigorously

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Sample Day 1
Before you start

Thank you for your purchase of an IREP Atheltics / The Training Plan Source Training Plan

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Attached is a Training Plan Instruction guide.

Sample Day 1
MAF Test

10 minute solid warmup - allow HR to completely settle 20 minutes at MAF HR - (MAF test: Maximum pace in minutes per mile for a 20 minute test at a HR equal to 180 minus the athlete’s age. ) Cooldown as needed Select flat and repeatable course We will do follow up sessions with this

Sample Day 2
1000 Time Trial

100 Swim easy
100 Pull easy with Buoy
100 Swim easy
1000 Time Trial
200 easy non free stroke of choice

Sample Day 3
Bike Testing

Be sure your body is rested, this is like a short race effort. Allen and Coggan's protocol is as follows in Exercises & Intervals be sure to hit view intervals

 20 MINUTE WARM UP easy

 3 X 1 MIN SPIN UPS WITH 1 MINUTE REST (increase intensity and rpms to 100-120rpm)


 5 MINUTES HARD (This should be a practice for the main set, find your level of intensity that is the max sustainable pace)


 20 MINUTE TIME TRIAL EFFORT (max sustainable pace in self- selected cadence of choice)


Sample Day 4
25 min Recovery Run/walk

25 mins very easy cap top of Z1 would like half of this as a walking effort and preferably on a soft surface to mitigate ground reaction force and impact stress. This is a great workout to do on a hiking or nature trail. Don't get sluggish in cadence because of the easy nature of this workout. Goal Cadence should still be around 90 steps per minute.

Think of this as sharpening the saw. It should make you feel better not trying to get anything accomplished here but just facilitating recovery

Sample Day 5
1000 - 2 x 100 Z4

100 Free
100 Kick
100 Pull Buoy
100 Pads
100 Free
200 as 50 Kick on R side / 50 kick on L side
2 x 100 @ Z4 on :20 seconds Rest
100 non-free stroke of choice

zone chart attached

Sample Day 5
1hr Aerobic with 1 min Flares

The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics
The Training Plan Source Powered By IREP Athletics

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