Marathon - 20 week Training Plan by Eric Orton

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:19
Training Load By Week

Sample Day 1
Program Start-up vVO2 Test - 1 mile.

BT: WU: 20 min. at an easy to moderate effort + 5 X 30 sec. building speed. TEST: The test is best done on flat terrain or track. TEST - After your WU, run ONE mile as fast as you can. Focus on being steady and not going out too hard. CD: 5-10 minutes nice and easy.
Data RECORD: Capture your average heart rate for the one mile test and follow the directions below to create your HR training zones.

Sample Day 2
Easy Endurance Zone 2 with cadence work

WU: 5-10 min. in zone 1 working on good mid foot strike and quick turnover. MS: Steady in zone 2 with a focus on cadence. Count how many times your right foot hits the ground in 15 second. Look to hit 23 per 15 seconds. CD: Zone 1.

Sample Day 3
Zone 2 with Pick-ups

WU: 5-10 min. in zone 1-2 working on quick turnover and driving knees forward. MS: Zone in zone 2 with a 10-20 second moderately hard pick-up every 8-10 min. during the run. CD: Zone 1.

Sample Day 3
Foot Strength - Barefoot or Nike Free

Today work on building your foot strength. Foot strength is vital for injury prevention and your run strength. Run EASY barefoot on an all-weather field or manicured grass turf. If this is not possible, I recommend using Nike Free shoes or Vibram FiveFingers for this run, preferably on soft terrain/trail. After the run, stretch your calves.

Sample Day 4
Strength - 15 sec. steep hill repeats.

WU: 20 min. in zone 1-3 + 5 X 30 sec. building speed. MS: 6 X 15 sec. steep hill repeats with 2-3 min. RI. These should be done at a strong, progressive effort. Focus on starting out fairly easy and ending hard. Go by what feels hard for you. These should not be a max effort. Train, don''t strain. This means that the focus should be on consistency. Have a goal to be consistent with all of these at the same quality. CD: Zone 1-2.

Sample Day 6
Endurance Threshold - Zone 2-3.

WU: 15 min. in zone 1-2. MS: Fluctuate your efforts between zone 2-3 as you feel. Avoid running steady for very long, change it up often. Great on a hilly course. CD: Zone 1.

Sample Day 7
Endurance Threshold - Steady in zone 3

WU: 20 min. in zone 1-2. MS: Steady in zone 3. CD: Zone 1.

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