FITaspire: 12-Week Half Marathon (Rebuild)

Average Weekly Training Hours 01:55
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 01:55
Training Load By Week

An intermediate half marathon training plan to help you run a strong half marathon.. This plan is best for runners who have run longer distances in the past, but have had lower mileage for the past several months. 3 days a week of running, plus 2 days a week of strength training are included in this plan. In addition, NMA/Dynamic warmups and stretching routines are also included on key workout days. Links to video demonstrations of strength training exercises, warmups, and stretching routines. Visit this article for a guide on setting your training paces as referenced in this training plan:

Sample Day 1
10K Intervals

1/2 mi @ Easy
3 x 1/2 mi @ 10K Pace (1/4 mile @ Recovery)
1/2 mi @ Easy

Sample Day 1
Pre-Run: NMA + Dynamic (Speed)

Neuromuscular activation & Dynamic Exercises {see attachment for full descriptions & pictures; video --} It is extremely important that you concentrate on activating the muscles engaged in the movement to receive the full benefits of these exercises. Do not do them without thinking about them.

Sample Day 1
Post-Run Stretch


Sample Day 2
ME3: Legs + Chest + Back

1. Walking Lunges (3 x 10 each leg) 1. Sumo Squat (3 x10) 2. One Leg Deadlift (3 x 10) 2. Pushups (3 x to failure) 3. Dumbbell Fly (3 x 8) 3. Dumbbell Pullover (3 x 8) 4. Monster Walks (3 x 10 each direction) 4. Plank with Alternate Leg Raise (3 x 20) 4. Reverse Crunch (3 x 15)

Sample Day 3
Easy Run

Easy run to get the body moving without too much stress.

3 miles @ Easy

Sample Day 4
ME3: Shoulders + Arms

1. Alternating Rotating Bicep Curl (3 x 10) 1. Tricep Kickback (3 x 8) 2. Front Raise (3 x 8) 2. Pike Pushups (3 x 20) 4. Lateral Raise (3x8) 4. Tricep Dips (3 x 12) 5. Reverse Crunch (3 x 15) 5. Hip Extension (3 x 15)

Sample Day 6
Long Run

Basic long run, complete the distance prescribed within your long run zone.
*Note: Time is for estimation only
6 miles @ Long

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