Intro to Half Marathon - 12 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:05
Training Load By Week

A Beginner's Half Marathon plan focused on athletes that are just starting out. Athletes will get up to a 12 mile long run. This plan has one day off per week but the cross training on Wednesday can be used as an off day off if needed.

This plan is best for those just getting back into activity. The plan allows you to decide how many walk breaks you want to fit in and gives you goal run times each run. A run will say 20:00 of running total and gives you the option to break into walk breaks 3:2 (3:00 running, 2:00 walk) or your preferred ratio. This allows you to challenge yourself depending on how you're feeling a given day. It is advised that as you get closer to your race that you back off on the frequency of run breaks and try to run continuously for as long as you can.

Challenge yourself, you wouldn't have singed up for a half if you didn't want to!



Sample Day 1

Sample Day 2
Run/ Walk

Run Walk
Start with a medium walk for warm up

Goal is :15 of running throughout the workout
feel free to break that up into sections of 3x5:00 or 15, 1:00 sections with walk breaks.
5:00 easy cool down

Future Workouts will just set goal run time, work towards running for the prescribed time all at once.

Sample Day 3

Sample Day 4

15:00 of running

Sample Day 6
Long Run

The long run is intended to build your mileage and will build up allowing you to get comfortable with longer distances each week.

Goal is to try and run for 3 solid miles. with a rest day prior, stretch for this goal each week.

Sample Day 7

Crosstrain or Walk

Sample Day 8

Andrew Simmons
Lifelong Endurance

Coach Andrew Simmons draws from certification, experience, and hard science to help athletes achieve there goals. Andrew specializes in working with distance runners looking to conquer the 5K to the marathon and beyond.

Run Coaching:

  • Road Running (Mile - Marathon)
  • Ultra Running (50K - 100 Mile)
  • Sky Running/ Mountain Running


  • Running Specific Strength and Condtioning
  • Injury Specfic Strength and Conditioning (will work alongside PT team)
  • Running Form and Gait Analysis