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Summer Sizzle Half Marathon Program


Stephanie Holbrook

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

Quick Start Guide to 

Training the Body and the Mind!  

Feel Good In Your Own Skin!

Program Includes...

  • Supercharge the body with a 12 week detailed training plan

  • Fat Burning Nutrtion Guide

  • Build In Modifications to Fit YOU

  • Daily Running Meditations

  • Ongoing Support



How does the program work?

The secret to the success of the Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program training program for women lies in the scientifically proven Optimized Fat Metabolism program. The Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) program uses the latest research in fat metabolism, training, and neuroscience to uncover your authentic self.  Don’t miss out on this 12-week program that is specially designed to fit into the busy life of every frustrated and stressed woman.  

Who is Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program For?

Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program is for women from any walk of life who is are ready to train to see the health benefits of reducing stress, feeling serene and fulfilled by following this this step by step training, nutrition and meditation plan.  The program is designed to promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  If you want to cross the finish line as the best version of yourself, then Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program may be a great fit for you.

What does a typical week look like on the program?

The Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program is accessible online or through the TrainingPeaks app. There are weekly question and answer webinars that cover your questions and include information about nutrition, stress, sleep, time management, hormones, and much more.  During the program, you will build up to a 10-mile-long run.

A typical week consists of 4 run and 2 strength workouts.   The program includes daily meditations and weekly mind/body worksheets.  A heart rate monitor is recommended monitor is recommended in conjunction with perceived effort, but a heart rate monitor is not required. 

Please note: This plan starts any time so pick your start day 12 weeks before your target race day (week one is race week). This plan version assumes your target marathon race is on a Saturday.

What if I don’t like the program?

That's an easy one. Listen, if you are not completely satisfied with this program or your experience for any reason whatsoever simply send us an email 60 days of your purchase and you will be issued a no-questions asked 100% refund within 48 hours.

What support resources do you offer Summer Sizzle Quick Start clients?

We offer you 24/7 customer support via our email help desk at Also, you may call and speak to coach Stephanie at (623) 910-1711. And in addition, you will also receive access to our customer only closed Facebook group where you may receive real time advice and support from other Summer Sizzle Quick Start participants. With the Summer Sizzle Quick Start Program, we never want you to feel alone and we do everything we can to make sure you're fully supported every step of the way with this program.




Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:27 hrs 2:00 hrs
1:17 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:27 hrs 2:00 hrs
1:17 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS

All supported devices

Stephanie Holbrook

Happy Endurance Training

Get happy through endurance sports.

Use fat as your primary source of fuel. Move faster while staying healthy.

Change the way you look at training forever.
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Sample Day 1

Run Baseline MAF TEST

A Baseline MAF Test is a starting measurement. We will do another MAF Test next month to determine the level improvement that you are making.

To perform the test, you must first obtain your maximum aerobic heart rate with the help of the 180 Formula. While working out at that heart rate, determine your walking, jogging or running pace—the time that it takes you to cover a certain distance—in minutes per mile, cycling speed in miles per hour, or repetitions (such as laps in a pool over time), and make a note of it. This is the parameter you will test for improvement later on.

Pick relatively flat course, track or treadmill.

Warm-up 20 minutes

Reset timer/Garmin

For 3 Miles keep HR at MAF HR .
Record the times and record each mile.

Stop and Reset Timer;
Cool Down for 10 minutes

Sample Day 2

Week 1 Workout A

Warm-up on Cardio Equipment or outside for 10 minutes.

Circuit: 5 x5
Cable Pull


Split Squat

Floor Work:
2 x
10 x 5 seconds Prone Cobra

15 Crunches

Sample Day 3

Hills, MAF HR

10 minutes warm-up. Gradually raise your heart rate to MAF HR zone.

On a very hilly course try to keep HR in MAF HR Zones within 10 BPM

Good form. Quick cadence.

Sample Day 4

Week 1 Workout B

Warm-up on Cardio Equipment or outside for 10 minutes.

Circuit: 4 x 12
Reverse Lat Pull-down
Dumbbell Thrusters

Floor Work:
2 x
10 x 3 seconds Supermans
10 x Oblique (each side)

Sample Day 6

Long run, tempo finish

4-5 mile Relaxed Pace MAF HR Long Run

Sample Day 7

Week 1 Workout C

Warm-up on Cardio Equipment or outside for 10 minutes.

Circuit: 3 x 20

Squats (depending on your femur - you may need to adjust your feet)

Upright Cable Row

Dumbbell Bench Press

Floor Work:
20 x Plank Push Up (start with weaker side)

20 x Dead Bug

10 x Clamshell (each leg)

Sample Day 8

MAF HR Run - check form.

Run in MAF HR

Flat to gently rolling. Continually check form. Quick cadence (88+ rpm).

Flat foot strike with weight on ball of foot (not toes). Foot paws back just before foot strike.

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