10 Week Half Marathon Plan - Beginner Level


Troy Jacobson

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 4 Run, 3 X-Train

Longest Workout

12 miles

Plan Specs

running half marathon

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Get ready for your first, second or third half marathon with this training plan designed to improve your running endurance, strength and overall fitness!

Before starting this or any serious training plan, please consult with your personal physician. Also, it is recommended that you create a solid base of running fitness prior to starting this plan, including the ability to run for at least 5 miles (or 45 minutes) at a steady, continuous pace without stopping.

Based on using Heart rate to measure intensity, this plan will build your aerobic base and endurance and ideally suited to anyone new to the half marathon distance. Some speed and pace training is included in this plan, but more might be required for advanced runners in the next phase of development.

To accurately gauge your intensity, it is recommended that users of this plan acquire a fitness test in order to determine training zones. Here's a chart for calculating your zones, http://www.spinervals.com/public/images/heart_rate_training_chart.pdf

The progression used in this 10-Week plan is gradual, peaking at a long run of around 12 miles (1hr 45 minutes) along with 4-5 run workouts per week. It also includes suggestions for crosstraining and several 'Wildcard' days in which you can choose your own favorite workout.

By following this effective program, you'll discover that you'll shape up, lean down and be well prepared to run a fast and satisfying half marathon!

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Good luck and train smart,
Coach Troy Jacobson


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:05
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:05
Average Weekly Breakdown

Troy Jacobson

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Sample Day 1

4 miles aerobic

Run 4 miles (or up to 40 min.) at a comfortable aerobic pace (Z2). Refer to the chart found here for target zones and use that HR monitor! http://www.spinervals.com/public/images/heart_rate_training_chart.pdf

Sample Day 1

Strength / Flexibility Training Day

Your choice. Do a 30-45 min. Strength training routine, a 30 min. athletic Yoga or stretching routine or both!

Sample Day 2

Wildcard Day

This is a wildcard day of cardio. Do up to 45 minutes of cardio (anything but running) of your choice! This can include the elliptical, stairclimber, rower or a Spin class. Mix it up and keep it interesting... just get into that aerobic , zone 2 HR and enjoy the workout.

Sample Day 3

30 min. aerobic Run

30 min. of aerobic running today. Shoot for 3-4 miles, Z2.

Sample Day 5

Long Run Day

Run at an aerobic pace for up to 50 minutes today. Aim for 5-6 miles. Walking is ok for now... so if necessary, run for 4 min. and walk for 1 min. Keep your HR in that aerobic, Zone 2 range.

Sample Day 6

Walk recovery day

Today go for a nice 30-45 min. walk. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about heart rate. Also, focus on good post workout recovery.

Sample Day 7

Week Two: Run

Enjoy a Zone 2, 30 min. run today. Make it continuous (no walking) for 3-4 miles, depending on your run speed.

10 Week Half Marathon Plan - Beginner Level

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