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Back to road or trail 10K/HM fitness (intermediate) 10wks + email support and run technique analysis


Andrius Ramonas

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10 Weeks

Plan Description

Back to road or trail 10K/HM fitness (intermediate) 10wks + email support and run technique analysis

Are you still choking on the dust that you brushed off your running trainers this weekend? This training plan will re-build your running fitness for a 10K to half marathon distance road or trail race. Your shoes missed you, and they are looking forward to the challenge!

This intermediate plan balances fundamental running skills, speed, strength work and mileage. Trail and road-specific workouts are challenging but fun. 


This plan is designed for intermediate runners. Before starting this plan you should:

  • be comfortable with 25-40K training weeks

  • be able to complete 45min or longer training runs

  • have no current injuries that prevent you from running

  • (ideally) have some experience with higher intensity interval training


  • RPE-based training intensity prescription (Note: I can help to you to individualise by heart rate/running pace. Feel free to email me - see contact details below)

  • Longer run: Saturday or Sunday

  • Strength and Conditioning: 2 sessions/week on average

  • Biggest training week: 60K+ or more than 6-hrs of training

  • Longest run: 18-20K


  • Weeks 1 to 4  increase your weekly running mileage and improve your fundamental running skills, speed and overall strength.

  • Weeks 5 to 8 target your cardiovascular capacity. Expect to be challenged with some harder, higher-intensity workouts.

  • Weeks 9 to 10 lead you through race-specific training sessions and will fine-tune you for your race.

  • As an exercise physiologist and trail runner for The North Face AU/NZ team, my coaching knowledge and running experience can help you to improve as a runner. Our primary method of communication for any of your questions will be over email. Running technique and bio-mechanics are interest areas of mine, and I can provide high-level advice on your running technique to become more efficient, faster, and minimise the risk of injury.

    Contact details 

    If you have questions, please contact me directly:



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    Training Plan Sample Week


    Average Weekly Breakdown

    Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
    Run x5
    04:05:00 01:30:00
    Strength x3
    00:57:00 00:30:00
    Day Off x2
    —— ——
    Walk x1
    —— ——
    Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
    04:05:00 01:30:00
    00:57:00 00:30:00
    Day Off
    —— ——
    —— ——

    Training Load By Week

    This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

    Andrius Ramonas


    RunĀ·Art Coaching by coach Andrius Ramonas is here to bring you many years of expertise in competitive road and trail running, exercise physiology, nutrition and sports medicine.

    I coach athletes of all levels and can offer you:

    • Online Coaching
    • Individualised and Generic Training Plans
    • Running Technique Analysis
    • Training Consultations
    • Running Skills Workshops

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