FPP March 2020 (Maintain)


Mary-Katherine Fleming

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5 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 4 Run, 3 Other, 1 Custom, 1 X-Train

Longest Workout

2:25 hrs

Plan Specs

running half marathon hr based base period

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This is the February Monthly Plan for Coach MK's Fitness Protection Program.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:53
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:53
Average Weekly Breakdown

Mary-Katherine Fleming

Fitness Protection, LLC

I've been running since I was 6 years old, joining my dad's cardio rehab following a quintuple bypass. 35 years later I still run the same way his cardiologist recommended. Running is the best part of my life and I hope we can make it the best part of yours, too!

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Sample Day 1

Eff Wind

10 minutes slow warm up (<140 bpm)

10 sets of:
15 seconds @ 5k pace
30 seconds jog

5 sets of:
30 seconds @ 10k pace
60 seconds jog

15+ minutes slow cool down

Sample Day 1

Monday Strength

Plank with walkout
Plank with lateral walk one step
Plank with lateral slide

Sample Day 2

Short Stride Sandwich

Run for 20 minutes easy effort (heart rate <140)
6x (20 second accelerator followed by 40 seconds recovery)
Cool down 20 minutes easy

Sample Day 2

Tuesday Strength

Full squat with mini-walk forward
Wall sit
Curtsy lunge

Sample Day 3

The Rain In Spain

at least 10 minutes slow warm up (<140 bpm)

3 (20/40) accelerators
10 minutes @ 10k pace
1 minute jog
10 minutes @ 10k pace
1 minute jog
6 (20/40) accelerators

at least 15 minutes slow cool down

Sample Day 3

Wednesday Strength

Split-stance lunge jumps
Skater jumps (start small, increase distance in later weeks)
Bulgarian split squat jumps

Sample Day 4

Choose Your Own Adventure!

The most advanced thing you can do is listen to your body. What does it need today? A recovery run? an easy run with a friend? Extra snuggles in bed? a bath? yoga? Do whatever it is your body wants...within reason. Make sure the effort is easy and relaxed, don't get carried away (running with your friend who happens to be hyper-competitive, doing COREPOWERCARDIO Yoga because the Yin class looked boring...make good choices, yo). 60 minutes of whatever it is you decide to do is PLENTY. And remember, we are not in training so you can do whatever you want.

if you ARE in fact, in training you still need to make good choices. You can blow months of hard work with one bad choice (esp if it leads to injury!), so let's not do that.

FPP March 2020 (Maintain)

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