Lockwood Marathon Method- 12 Week

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:53

The ideal candidates for The Lockwood Marathon Method are intermediate runners that have completed multiple race distances and are looking to get complete their first marathon or to get faster and qualify for the Boston Marathon. This comprehensive program is specifically designed to get them over the top while tailoring to those who may only have an hour to spare M-F to training.

The 12-week program incorporates 3 weeks of Base, 4 weeks of Build, and 5 weeks of Peak volume that includes 2 weeks of tapering. Largest peak volume week tops at about 1.5x marathon distance (~40 Miles). The program includes integrated recovery approaches to rest and harvest gains as well as strength training to build leg and core muscle necessary for running longer distances.

There is periodic field testing to assess advances. Comes with a companion 70+ page eBook with detailed instructions on how to qualify including race logistics. Also comes with a Running Performance Console spreadsheet-based calculators with the dashboard.

Sample Day 1
4 mile run

Sample Day 2
Legs and Glutes Set 1

3x15 Lunges (each leg)
3x15 Squats
3x15 Speed Skaters

3x15 Hip Thrusts
3x15 Donkey kicks (left and right)
3x15 Single Leg Deadlift

Sample Day 2
Base | 30 Minute Tempo Run

Sample Day 3
Base | 5s - Run | Aerobic/Threshold

Treadmill Workout

5 Minutes Aerobic @ Long slow distance pace

5 Minutes @ Threshold Pace. Challenge yourself @ 6:00 pace.

5 Minutes Aerobic @ long slow distance Pace

Active Cool Down/easy

Sample Day 4
Base | Running Field Test | Threshold

***Field Test***
Dynamic warm up with 5-10 easy warm up run.

1) Reset your watch and begin the test, holding best average pace for 20 minutes.

2) Stop your watch at the end of 20 minutes. It should feel like you couldn't have done it any faster by the end.

3) Sync results. Take note of the average pace and average heart rate if you use a heart rate monitor.

4) Update threshold pace and heart rate in your accompanying running Performance Console Template. This will derive your heart rate zones for you.

5) Update threshold pace, threshold heart rate, and heart rate zones in the TrainingPeaks Athlete Account Settings in the "zones" section. This will ensure your workouts will build with correct paces for the prescribed intensities.

Sample Day 4
Arms and Abs Set 1

3x15 Crunches
3x15 Side Crunches (both sides)
3x15 Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
3x30 second Plank

Complete a full set (each exercise) ending with planks.

3x15 Biceps
3x15 Triceps
3x15 Regular Pushups
3x10 Tricep Pushups

Sample Day 6
Base | Weekend Run | Recovery

30 minute run, aerobic by perceived effort

Erin Lockwood
Erin Hayes-

I have a diverse and broad range of experience in the endurance sports lifestyle with both short and long course experience in triathlons and duathlons including several 70.3 and Ironman finishes. I am an experienced runner with finishes in just about every road race under my belt from 5k to marathon.