Intermediate Half Marathon Plan (1/2 Marathon) 16 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 01:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 01:08
Training Load By Week

This half marathon training program is perfect for athletes looking to excel at their next 1/2 marathon. This plan is ideal for those athletes looking for an intermediate to advanced program.

Athletes will begin with a 15-20 mile week and top out around 40 miles per week. This program has some flexibility as the majority of the runs are distance focused, but towards the end of the program the focus shifts to "time on feet" to make sure we recover properly.

This half marathon training plan focuses on building a strong foundation with "easy" and "aerobic" runs. After building your base you will shift into more speed focus with the introduction of a 5k race (ideal for setting training zones), light strides for neuromuscular adaptation, and hill repeats. Following the speed phase the athletes will begin the 1/2 marathon focused pace efforts to prepare for the race day demands.

Sample Day 2
4 miles easy

When the workout prescribed says "easy" add 2 minutes to your current 5k pace per mile and run around that pace. For example, if you ran a 21:45 for 5k your pace for that race was roughly 7 minutes per mile. So for an easy run you would run 9 minute miles

Sample Day 3
3 miles at easy aerobic pace

Sample Day 4
30 min eliptical 10 min core after

Sample Day 5
4 miles easy

Sample Day 6
3 miles at easy pace

Sample Day 7
5 miles easy

Sample Day 10
3 miles

Justin Roeder, USAT Level 1 Coach
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I specialize in working with swimming, cycling, & running athletes looking to focus on biomechanics, heart rate, power based training, & annual training periodization.

All training training programs can be customized around athletes time and schedule. Communication between athlete and coach is suggested for best results!