Intermediate 12 Week Half Marathon Program - Builds to 45 miles per week

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Intermediate 12 Week Half Marathon Program - Builds to 45 miles per week


KC Endurance

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Run, 2 Strength, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

13 miles

Plan Specs

running half marathon intermediate time goal

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Built for the runner that has been running at least 3 or 4 days per week and has previously done a half or full marathon. The program progresses mileage and speed every 2nd or 3rd week and speed work gradually gets extended. Peak mileage will reach 45 miles, then taper off going into the last 10 days before the half marathon. With this guide, the athlete can contact KC Endurance at any time with any training related questions. Includes strength training plan created by RunningMate (


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

Jeremy Hammer

KC Endurance

KC Endurance is an online and small group training business for individuals wanting to begin a running program or to improve on their current running ability. Get help from a coach in building your fitness and performing better than your best for any race distance 5k to Marathon.

Services include Online Coaching, Group Training, and Strength and Conditioning, as well as a personal pacing guide for local Kansas City races.

Sample Day 1


We are starting the training cycle with some easy running to build a nice aerobic base in which you will be able to build more intense training runs on. Some short mid-week sprint work will also be a building block for future interval sessions.

Today, keep the pace nice and slow. It should be totally comfortable in nature.

Sample Day 2


Easy running. Keep it slow and relaxed.

Sample Day 3

Easy Running

Keep the pace nice and easy. Take a short break, then finish up with 4 x 10 second sprints at 80% effort on flat ground. Recover fully between each one.

Sample Day 5


Easy 3 miles of running. Keep the pace nice and slow and just get the distance covered.

Sample Day 6

Easy Running

This is just an easy run effort. The main goal is to start building the long runs. We will eventually make them more quality efforts.

Sample Day 7


Easy 4 miles done at a relaxed pace. Recover from the longer run yesterday.

Sample Day 8


Beginning this week with some easy mileage. This week will look fairly similar to last week in terms of mileage. The runs will start having some quality work added into them and will build every couple of weeks.

Today, get in an easy 3 miles at a comfortable pace.

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