Novice Road Running 21km sub 3 hour - 13 weeks

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:56

This Training Program is aimed at the Beginner Level athlete who wants to complete a 21km Run in under 3 hours
This program is 13 weeks long: 1 Test Week, 10 Training Weeks, 1 Taper Week, 1 Recovery Week

Training time builds from 2 hours and 51 minutes per week to a maximum of 5 hours and 17 minutes.

After completing the initial test week, capture your data on our website:
Your training zones will be calculated and emailed to you.
This is a free service.

After completing the re-test week, capture your data on our website:
Your training zones will be adjusted.
This is also a free service.

Assumptions of this program -
Run Personal Best for 10km of under 1 hour and 17 minutes.
Run Personal Best for 5km of under 36 minutes and 45 seconds
Run Personal Best for 1.5km of under 10 minutes.

You need to have access to a 400m running track for the Test Week and 5km Time Trial route which you can access in the Test Week and in Training Weeks 7 and 9.
As the program is Heart Rate based, you have to have a Heart Rate Monitor. We suggest the POLAR brand.

You should also include General Strength and Core training sessions when doing Endurance training.
A Basic Core Strength session is available for download with this program.

Sample Day 1
MAF Run Test

10 mins Warm Up jog
5 x 80m building "run throughs", walk back
3 x 1 Mile (4 laps of a track) @ 180 minus your age 2 mins walk between
5 mins easy jog

*record your Max and Average heart rate for each mile
**record your Time for each mile.
***record a 400m split time for each mile.
Email your results ASAP.

Sample Day 2
Recovery Walk

Sample Day 3
1.5km Run TT

Warm Up:
15 min easy Jog
2 x 2 min @ 75% pace with 2 min walk between.
Main Set:
Run 1500m @ max effort
Cool Down:
5 min easy jog
Send us the results ASAP
*record time for the 1.5km TT
**record Max and Average heart rate of the 1.5km TT
***record your 500m splits

Sample Day 4
Recovery Walk

Sample Day 6
Run Test - 5km TT

2 km easy including a few 20-30sec surges (slight increase of pace)
Run 5km as hard as possible at a level you can maintain for the TT and record your average and maximum heart rate as well as time for the 5km.
2km  easy jog then stretch.

Email results ASAP

Sample Day 7
Recovery Walk

Sample Day 9

10 mins Z1

40 secs Z3,
60 secs walk
repeat 4 times
rest 3 mins

repeat 3 times

5 mins Z1

Coach Shamus

I have been an active participant for almost 40 years.
I have competed in the World Championships at an age group level in 1993 & 1994. In 1995 was an Elite for Olympic Distance triathlon.
I was also selected for duathlon and long distance triathlon.
Represented Polar Heart Rate monitors for 5 years, so the measure of all my training programs is Heart Rate based.
First qualified as a coach in 1993.
I studied Human Movement Science at the University of Pretoria 1991 to 1994.