80/20 Running: Half Marathon Level 2 (Power-based, 4 to 6.5 Hours per Week)

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:03
Training Load By Week

Meticulously crafted from the principles laid out in Matt Fitzgerald's best-selling book 80/20 Running, this Half Marathon Level 2 training plan will provide the athlete with the same workout structure used by the most successful runners in the world. Each week, cycle, and the complete 15-week plan has been specifically formulated to match the research articulated in Fitzgerald's publications and ensures the runner adheres to the 80/20 principle. This plan was designed runners who are ready to take their training load up a notch or two in order to improve their half-marathon time. Before you begin the plan, build your training to the point where you are running at least three times per week, including some short efforts at moderate and high intensities and some easy runs of at least seven miles, and are doing aerobic exercise (runs and nonimpact cross-training combined) 5 times per week. This plan leverages the TrainingPeaks.com structured workout feature, and the workouts are structured as a % of your threshold power. On supported devices your workout can be exported to the device, and the activity duration, laps, and intensity will be automatically prompted to the athlete during the workout. Workouts do not have to be exported for the Power plans to be effective, as the workout’s detailed description still provides the athlete with the structure of the workout. Not sure which level is right for you? Each 80/20 plan comes with a Level Guarantee: if you discover that the level you have selected is too hard or too easy for you, simply contact david@dwcoaching.com for a complimentary switch to a different level within the same running distance. Supporting resources and documentation for your plan, including Zone guidelines, can be found at http://mattfitzgerald.org/8020training/ Please note that in this plan the run workouts are prescribed primarily by time, therefore the preview below will not reflect the plan's complete time and distance. Purchasers of this plan will be able to contact the co-author, David Warden, directly at david@dwcoaching.com, in order to request clarification on any items that may be unclear in the plan.

Sample Day 1
RF4 or Cross-Train

5 minutes in Z1, 25 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 2

15 minutes Z1, 3 x (2.5 minutes Z4/5 minutes Z1) 7 minutes Z1

Sample Day 3
RF4 or Cross-Train

5 minutes in Z1, 25 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 4

5 minutes in Z1, 30 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 5

5 minutes Z1, 5 minutes Z2, 6 x (1 minute Z4/2 minutes Z1) 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 6
RF3 or Cross-Train

5 minutes in Z1, 20 minutes Z2, 5 minutes Z1

Sample Day 7

1 mile Run Zone 1, 5.5 miles Run Zone 2, 0.5 mile Run Zone 1

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