Half marathon- 12 week plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:43
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:43
Training Load By Week

Welcome to your Cambridge half marathon plan Over the next 12 weeks you will cover many different training sessions Build- Improving your endurance, helping you to build the millage up slowly and safely. Speed- Keeps you fit and fast, improving your cardiovascular system so we can train harder and race faster. Strength- We need to keep your muscles strong, this helps with the demands of the impact from running. Stretch- Do this everyday if you can, lack of stretching is the biggest cause of injury not the running itself. Butt firing- You need and want your glutes to fire with the correct chain reaction.. this solves many problems with technique, poor technique = more injuries If you would like any help with the exercises or training session in the plan then please get in touch and we can discuss the options available to meet your needs, commitment and budget. I do run a running session every Thursday morning 06.30 from spartan HQ (details on my website) www.cambridgespartans.com Human factor- Enjoy the plan, enjoy your training and listen to your body, if your feeling awesome then push it a little harder, if your feeling less awesome don't be afraid to take a rest day or go slightly easier untill you feel 100% awesome again See you all on the start line and again on the finish line Love Coach

Sample Day 1
Running drills

Drills 1) High knees 2) Heel flicks 3) Strides (straight legs) 4) Walking knee drives 60 seconds drill 60 seconds rest Repeat whole circuit x 4

Sample Day 2
Strength 1 (video)

This is a very important part of your training, but i understand not all of you have access to gyms and equipment, so this Body weight strength workout is perfect for you. If you are a members of a gym then please speak with a coach/trainer to ensure you are lifting the correct weights and performing the exercises in a safe and controlled manner to avoid injury and to maximise this part of your training. Love Coach

Sample Day 3
Standard sun saluation

Yoga sun salutations Mountain pose Forward Fold Lunge back Down dog Plank Crocodile Baby cobra Down dog Lunge forward Forward fold Mountain pose Hold each move for about 10 seconds before moving slowly into the next Repeat whole sequence x 4

Sample Day 4
Build 1.1

Steady race pace run

Sample Day 5
Butt firing exercises

Single leg dead lifts (tip from hip) Glute bridges Donkey kicks Single leg squats Prone straight leg lifts Kneeling butt squeezes 20 seconds work 20 seconds rest Repeat whole circuit x 3

Sample Day 6
Build 1- 10km

Steady race pace run

Sample Day 7
Stretch (video)

Always do a light mobility warm up for about 10mins before doing these stretches.

Ben Capper

I am the director and head coach for @Spartans fitness and triathlon club, based in Cambridge, England.
I specialise in Ironman training with a 'no junk miles approach' making every minute of your training count.