Couch to Turkey Trot (5 Miler)

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:22
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:22
Training Load By Week

This beginner to intermediate short course running program that will get you running up to 5 miles for your local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and is 12 weeks long. It includes fitness training, core work, stretching and drill work. You can use workouts from ebook Treadmill Workouts by Coach Erin Truslow in the 2nd half of the program to really dial in your speed and cadence or turnover.

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Sample Day 2
1 Mile Run Test

Warm up for 10 min. Then recover till HR drops to Zone 1 Run 1 mile (on track) as fast as you can. Cool down for 5 min. ONLY record your 1 mile time.

Sample Day 2
Ankle ABC's

While sitting in a chair, write the ABC's with your feet 2x.

Sample Day 3
BP Lower Body & Core

Lower Body and Core workout. See Video for explanation of exercises: Video can also be found on:!workout-videos/fke39 Equipment you might need:  Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Barbell, Fitball, Bench or Step, Band or Tube, Yoga Mat. Do 2-3 sets, Body Squat 20 reps Lateral Lunge 12-15 reps Dead Lift Row 12-15 reps Ball Crunch 25 reps Reverse Lunge 12-15 reps Toe Touch 12-15 reps Ball Pike 8-12 reps Side Step Ups 12-15 reps Side Plank 45-60 seconds Stretch out

Sample Day 4

Do clam shells, toe down, heel down, kneeling hurdles forward, backward on both sides minimum. If time for more do standing leg swings and standing hurdlers.

Sample Day 4
Run - 20 min

Steady pace, focus on form.

Sample Day 6
Stretch & Roll** Videos

Go through full body stretch and rolling on Grid or using a Stick. Search Youtube Trigger Point Therapy for more videos on rolling. Videos to watch for rolling ideas. Quad IT Band HIP Mobility Lower Leg

Sample Day 6
Run - 25 min

Easy steady run.

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