5km 'Optimal Parkrun' (one run per day, including base phase)


Clive Boulton

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17 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Run, 1 Strength, 1 Other

Longest Workout

9.63 miles

Plan Specs

running 5km intermediate advanced masters time goal hr based pace based tss based

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This 17 week plan, with the potential for tune up races, is for the aspirational higher-level performer who might be 'time-crunched' and only has time for one run session per day. It will run from a base phase but will require that the athlete starts the programme with a reasonable level of fitness and is comfortable running 6 days per week. The plan also includes two gym workouts per week, one focused on Activation & Resilience the other focused on Strength. It is designed to take the sub 22min Parkrunner to sub 20mins or the sub 20min Parkrunner to sub 18min.

About the author... As an athlete Clive describes himself as a 'Jack of all trades but master of none'. He has run 50.0sec for 400m, 1min 50secs for 800m, 3min 46secs for 1500m, 14mins 11secs for 5km, 30mins 41secs for 10km and 67min14secs for a Half Marathon. In addition he has won several County Cross-Country Championships as a junior and Senior athlete, has a Welsh National 1500m track title and UK Universities podium to his name and more recently was 7th in Age-Group at the European Long-Distance Triathlon Championships. Clive has coached runners for over 20 years.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:17
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:17
Average Weekly Breakdown

Clive Boulton

Rosedene Multi-Sport

Rosedene Multi-Sport is a triathlon and running focused 1:1 coaching practice, with 20 years of experience in coaching runners and 10 years of experience in coaching triathletes.

We successfully coach athletes and triathletes from beginners to advanced, 800m to the marathon in running and from sprint to iron distance racing in triathlon. We work with age-group Ironman podium athletes and national level triathletes of all ages. We offer an individual service, no two athletes are the same.

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Sample Day 1

Activation & Resilience

5min Row
Swiss Ball Plank Variations 3x30secs
Side Plank 1x2x30sec
Bridging 2x2x30
Theraband Work
Lunging Forward/Backward 2x2x8
Press Ups2x10
In-line Jump Variations 3x25secs
Plyometrics (3x25secs one of each jump variety selected)

Sample Day 2

General Aerobic Effort + Strides

GAE build, as the previous effort, but after 30mins find a smooth preferably grass, or track surface 100 to 120m long and run x9 strides, 3x 65% 3x70% 3x80%. Then 5mins Z1 to finish

Sample Day 4

Run - 'Kenyan Hills' short

A 'tempo Z3' effort on a hilly circuit where we manage low tempo HR throughout the run up or down, hills should be within the 5-9% range ideally both up and down, the run should also include flat sections...

Sample Day 5

Strength - Build

5mins Row
Lat Pull Downs 2x10 70-75%
Straight Arm Pull Downs 2x10 70-75%
Leg Press 2x12 75%
Squat 2x10 75%
Leg Extensions 2x12 70-75%
Leg Curls 2x10 70%
Calf Raises 2x15 no weight, full extension

Sample Day 5

Recovery (Short)

Run for 30mins at Z1, might overlap into Z2 for the last third of the run, but should not do so for more than that, focus on being easy.

Sample Day 6

Parkland General Aerobic Effort, with Sustained Efforts

It would be good to break the midweek tarmac monotony and get off-road for this one...

start with 20mins Z1 into Z2, then;
5mins Z3
4mins Z1
4mins Z3
3mins Z1
3mins Z3
2mins Z1
2mins Z4
2mins Z1
1mins Z4
9-10mins Z1 Cool Down

Sample Day 7

'Sunday Run'

Lets not break with decades of British Distance Running Tradition here, this is the place for our longer run of the week, this shall progress in duration through the base phase...
In short and as normal spend 20mins running from Z1 into Z2, and then sustain this through to the end of the run, on completion take a short 5min walk or Z1 jog with walk intervals

5km 'Optimal Parkrun' (one run per day, including base phase)

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