Run for Speed 1 (Short Distance) for Intermediate Runners


Tammy Slauenwhite

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 2 Strength, 1 Walk, 1 Bike

Longest Workout

1:12 hrs

Plan Specs

running 5km intermediate weightloss hr based tss based strength

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This is a 4-week progressive training plan geared towards the intermediate running athlete who wants to work on increasing their running speed over short distances. For each week, it includes two demanding run interval workouts. one progressive build, core training, and active recovery workouts. This plan will give the best results when the athlete makes speed training a priority. Do it during a time when you do not have a high volume of training overall. You definitely will need to take time to recover in between each running workout because each session will kick your ass. Once you are completed this training plan, and you want to take your run speed training to the next level, try my Run for Speed 2 for short distances. If you have questions about this training plan, feel free to reach out to me by email:


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:50
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:50
Average Weekly Breakdown

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As a nationally certified coach with 20 years of experience, there's no better feeling than helping someone achieve a goal. I have helped hundreds of people, ranging from beginner level starting a new chapter in their life to advanced competitive athletes looking to break a personal record. My plans are easy to follow, always structured, and will push you to the next level. I offer email support with every single plan, so don't be shy to contact me if you have questions. Happy training!

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Sample Day 1

Easy Run

Easy run to kick off the plan! The rest of the Monday workouts are an active recovery spin workout. Enjoy!

Sample Day 1

Endurance Core TLTV

Core Workout:

Sample Day 2

Run Intervals | 2 Min x 6

Run Speed Intervals. 2 minutes hard followed by 2 minutes easy. Repeat x 6.

Sample Day 3

Easy Run

Just an easy 30 minute run.

Sample Day 4

Static Core Workout

Core workout:

Sample Day 5

Run Intervals | 3 Min x 4

Run Speed Intervals. 3 minutes hard followed by 3 minutes easy. Repeat x 4. Long warm up and cool down.

Sample Day 6

Walk | Active Recovery

This walk is meant to be short, as an active recovery workout. Walk steady for 20 minutes. Do not hold anything in your hand during the walk. Allow your arms to swing naturally by your side. Practice deep belly breathing and quiet the mind.

Run for Speed 1 (Short Distance) for Intermediate Runners

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