5km PR in 12 Weeks


Sam Taylor

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

7 Run, 4 Strength

Longest Workout

8 miles

Plan Specs

running 5km beginner intermediate advanced pace based strength

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This Program is designed to help you PR your next 5km in 12 weeks of specific training.

This plan is a 7x a week running program to excel specifically in the 5km race distance.

This program can be applied to a Triathlon Training Program for Sprint or Olympic Distance Racing.

During this program, you will have 2-3x weekly strength training, 1-2x weekly track workouts.

This program is designed to increase your Anaerobic Threshold, power output, and technique in a 12 week period before a Saturday or Sunday 5km Priority A Race Event.

Since this program uses % to Pace and includes a relatively quick ramp up period I would say this plan is more directed at Intermediate and Advanced Level Athletes.
However, as a dedicated Beginner you can use this program.

This plan is from Taylored Tri Training out of Boulder, Colorado.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:22

Sam Taylor

Taylored Tri Training

Taylored Tri Training is a Boulder-based triathlon and running coaching company.
Whether you are entering your first triathlon, or racing as a professional triathlete, Taylored Tri has the resources to help you complete or PR on any course length.
Taylored Tri focuses on a holistic approach to training which includes strength training, swim/bike/run training, and nutrition to enhance the athletes performance.

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Sample Day 1

Easy Base

800m Warm Up (Include some Build Ups and Mobility Drills)

10-20 minute run

5 minute Cool Down

Sample Day 2

1 Mile TT

800m Warm Up (Include Build Ups and Drills)

1 Mile Time Trial Test

5 minute Cool Down

Sample Day 3


800m Warm Up (Include Dynamic Stretching)

20 minute Run

5 minute Cool Down

Sample Day 4


800m Warm Up (Include Build Ups, Hurdles if possible)

20 minute Run

5 minute Cool Down

Sample Day 5

Anaerobic Threshold

800m Warm Up (include drills and Build Ups)

2 miles at Anaerobic Threshold (based on 1mi TT time add 1:15-1:30min per mile to pace)

5 minute Cool Down

Sample Day 6


800m Warm Up (include dynamic stretching)

10 minute run

Sample Day 7


800m Warm Up (Include dynamic stretching)

20 minute Run

5km PR in 12 Weeks

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