RP 5k Beginner 4 d/wk

Average Weekly Training Hours 00:33
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 00:33
Training Load By Week

A running plan for an exerciser with little to no running background but at least 6 months of fitness-related work. A great fit for this beginner program could also be someone who can currently run 1-2 miles without stopping or has completed 5k races in the past. This plan uses primarily running, starting off slow and easy, and other optional forms of non-impact cardio training, plus suggested resistance training days, to progress you to completion of a very successful 5k. The goal of this plan is to prepare you to run a 5k from start to finish and put you in position to break through personal records at the finish line. This program could also be used as a supplement to many other fitness plans to enhance a summer season of outdoor running.

Training Plan Information:
4 days per week running
16 total weeks, with your primary 5k race on week 16.
Starting weekly running mileage: 6 Miles
Highest weekly running mileage: 14 Miles
Lowest single-session running mileage: 1.5 Miles
Highest single-session running mileage: 5 Miles

Recommended Prerequisites for this plan:
Users should be able to jog 1.5-2 miles without stopping (no time/pace requirement).

Move up to "Intermediate" if you currently do, or have done in the last 6 months, any of the following:
Run 7 Miles without stopping (no pace requirement).
Run 14 miles in a single week.
Exercise vigorously with other forms of cardio exercise like cycling/spinning, rowing or some form of "functional fitness” mixed with running, 8 or more hours per week.

Suggested RP Diet Products to pair with this training plan:
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or, RP 1:1 Diet Coaching
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Suggested RP Training Products:
Male and Female Physique Training Templates
or, Weightlifting Hypertrophy and Strength Templates
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(for all RP Training Template use, the lower frequency options of each are best for pairing with this 5k running plan, unless fat loss is a primary goal)
or, RP 1:1 Training Coaching!

Sample Day 1

Sample Day 2

Sample Day 3
Optional Cardio CrossTrain

Low intensity, steady state NON-IMPACT cardio. Cycling/spinning, rowing, elliptical, arm-cycle ergometer, swimming, water-aerobics, or other non-impact exercise.

Sample Day 4

Sample Day 6

Sample Day 8

Sample Day 9

Dr. Alex Harrison
Renaissance Periodization (RPstrength)

Science is Stronger

PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance from East Tennessee State University
Level 2 Coach, Endurance (USATF)
Level 1 Coach, Triathlon, (USAT)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Weightlifting Coach, Level 1, (USAW)

Assistant Track and Field Coach, ETSU, NCAA Division 1
Youth and Masters Track and Field Coach, WA State, National & World Champions
Youth, Elite-Development, and Masters Triathlon Coach