RW Advanced 10K Plan (6 weeks)

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

This six-week schedule is geared toward serious runners and racing veterans who can comfortably run for an hour or more, and who want to develop the ability to run stronger, longer. Designed by the experts at Runner's World, this plan includes two speed sessions each week, two days of easy running, a day of rest, and a long run that stretches up to 12 miles. Not the right plan for you? Check out Runner's World's training plans for beginners and intermediate runners.

Sample Day 2
4-6 Miles Easy

Run four to six miles at an easy, conversational pace.

Sample Day 4
4 Miles Easy

Maintain your easy, conversational pace.

Sample Day 5
4-6 Easy Miles with Strides

4 to 6 miles easy 6 strides Run easy, then finish the run with six strides. Gradually accelerate over 100 meters until you reach 90 percent of all-out effort. Hold that effort for five seconds, then smoothly decelerate. Walk to full recovery after each stride.

Sample Day 6
0-4 Miles Easy

Maintain a pace that feels easy enough to hold a conversation. You also have the option to rest today.

Sample Day 7
8-10 Miles Easy

Maintain a comfortable pace that feels easy enough to hold a conversation.

Sample Day 9
4-6 Miles Easy

To prevent blisters, choose synthetic socks that wick moisture away from the skin, keep your feet dry, and reduce friction. Also make sure your shoes fit.

Sample Day 12
5-7 Miles Easy with Strides

If at all possible, do some of your training on the racecourse. Previewing the hills, turns, and narrow spaces will help you feel more confident and relaxed going into your big goal event. If you're not able to run on the course, look at the course map and elevation chart, which should be posted on the event website. Try to do some runs that simulate the same pattern of elevation change that you'll face in the race.