Level 2 10K Plan, 12 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:58
Training Load By Week

This 12-week 10K plan is a moderate volume plan. On most weeks there are 4 runs per week, plus two days of crosstraining. Monday is the rest day, and Tuesday is designed as a track workout day. Thursdays are usually tempo (steady state) runs. Long runs are on Sundays; the longest run on the plan is 10 miles.

Sample Day 2
Heart Rate Zone Testing

Dynamic w/u
10 minutes building pace
Time trial: This is a 30 minute time trial, as fast a pace as you can hold for the entire 30 minutes. Ten minutes into the time trial, you will hit your lap button. At the end of the thirty minutes you record your average heart rate for the second lap (last 20 minutes), and your average pace (if you have a GPS) for the entire run.
If you don't have a heart rate monitor, just keep track of your total distance completed to compare to future time trials (count your laps around the track.

Sample Day 3

Endurance Swim or Bike

Sample Day 4
Easy Run

Chose a rolling course and stay mostly in zones 1 - 2.

Sample Day 5
Easy Run, plus hill sprints

Run in zones 1-2 for 20 minutes
3 x 8 second hill sprints (100% effort) up a steep, 8% grade hill. Recover completely between reps.
zones 1-2 for remainder of time

Sample Day 6

Saturdays are crosstraining for you triathletes. Go for a long bike ride (feel free to ride longer than 1.5 hours), or if you are primarily a runner, put in some easy miles.

Sample Day 7
Long Run, easy pace

zones 1-2

Sample Day 9
Anaerobic Hill Reps

Warm up at least 20 min.
Include 6 x 1 min. very hard (3k effort, zone 5a) up a gradual incline (4%). Jog/walk recover back down the hill.