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Fit4Athletes ultimate 10K


Claudia McCoy

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8 Weeks

Plan Specs

running 10km beginner intermediate masters weightloss time goal multi day strength

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Plan Description

Looking to PR and stay injury free? Then this 10K running plan is the perfect fit. It's written for intermediate to advanced runners alike. The difference to other plans is in the details and the Sports Specific Strength Training with little to no equipment needed. This way everyone can follow this wholistic approach to running your fastest 10K yet . Sport Specific Strength Training that focuses on Hip stabilization, core strength and balance as well as flexibility is an important element of any sport and will help you improve your performance as well as prevent injury. My believe is to provide detailed and progressive workouts with purpose. No junk milage, but a perfect ratio between key workouts and recovery is important for success. Equipment: resistance bands, suspension Trainer if available, Dumbbells or other weights, Gym Ball.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
16mi 9mi
1:19 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:03 hrs 0:15 hrs
—— ——
0:41 hrs 0:50 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
16mi 9mi
1:19 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:03 hrs 0:15 hrs
—— ——
0:41 hrs 0:50 hrs

Training Load By Week

Claudia McCoy


I am an Ironman certified Triathlon Coach, Athletic Performance Trainer and German licensed Physical Therapist. My coaching provides personalized & periodized training plans for triathletes and runners.You will receive detailed workouts for all disciplines,sport nutrition guidance,injury prevention through sport specific strength training,gait & swim analysis via app, as well as regular coaching contact to discuss psychological skills necessary for training & racing for all levels and distances.

Sample Day 1

4 x 0.25

1 Mile war up, 
Main Set:
4 x 0.25 Mile at zone 5 effort with 0.25 Mile easy recovery zone 1 in between,
1 Mile cool down

Sample Day 2

Home Strength Bilateral moves

see PDF for details

Sample Day 3

tempo run #1

1 Mile easy warm up,
2 Mile tempo zone 3 pace
1 Mile cool down

Sample Day 4

core workout

pick one of these routines for todays core workout

Sample Day 5

Endurance base run

3 Miles all at zone 2 effort

Sample Day 6

bike week 1

35 Min total bike at zone 2 effort
10 Min warm up then
5 x 20 sec @ zone 5 (try to keep spinning fast for quick leg turnover, not much residence!!! 
2 Min easy spin zone 1 effort in between
the rest of the time at zone 2

Sample Day 6

"Flying 5 hips" see video
This is a exercise sequence. Each of the 5 different hip exercises are done one after the other without much rest in-between (maximum 5 seconds). Do 12 Reps for each exercise on each leg! start with laying on your side. lift then top leg up parallel to the floor straighten it. Heal turn up towards the ceiling. 12 Reps up and down, then circles forward 12x, then 12 x circles backwards, followed by 12x "biking motion" at horizontal plane and at last straight leg forward into hip flexion and back in to hip extension while maintaining straight leg parallel to the floor

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