TCO - Treinamento de Corrida

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run

Longest Workout

4.97 miles

Plan Specs

running 10km beginner intermediate

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Beginner; 12 weeks; 3 practices/week; Begin at any moment; Reusable

We are what we do repeatedly. “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” Aristotele

The time has come to face the most popular street running distance. This program, MY FIRST 10KM will lead you to overcome this challenge. The practice is recomendei for beginners in the distance, or those who already run 5 - 7km with certain comfort. It is also for those who are inexperienced but, have the desire, will and focus to reach a challenging goal.

Created by the coach and marathon runner Darlan Duarte, this program has been applied successfully to numerous street runners.

Program description

Elaborated with the most modern principles of run training, this program is for runners who intend on accomplishing their first 10km, and offers a structured training plan already used successfully by runners all over the world.

Target Athletes

- Beginners;
- Runners who already achieve 5km to 7km;

100% Structured workouts

This program presents 100% structured workouts, based on pace and seeking it as a final goal. In the monitoring devices that support this training, including various Garmin models, each session maybe exported to the device enabling the session to be automatically guided for duration, laps and training zone.

The trainings do not need to be exported to a device to work, they have been designed and described with all necessary information.

To learn more about these structured programs visit structured workout.

Level guarantee

All TCO programs are compatible and guaranteed for target athletes. If you feel the chosen program is not the most adequate for you, simply reach out by clicking here and contacting us and we will alter your program to the adequate level for the chosen distance.


At página do TCO you will find all the required support to undergo your training, including videos, articles and tips. Buying TCO programs will nove you direct access to coaches Darlan Duarte and Rafael George who will be available for any doubts and questions you may have along the way.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 02:00

TCO - Treinamento de Corrida

TCO - Treinamento de Corrida é uma marca especializada em planilhas de treino de corrida voltada pra todos os níveis de corredores e para todas as distâncias da modalidade. Com programas de treinos desenvolvidos com base científica o TCO pretende atender aqueles que, por gosto ou necessidade, precisam de uma planilha de treino completa, com diretrizes pra treinar e métricas para acompanhar o desempenho.

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Sample Day 1


30 minutes Z1 + 5 minutes WA + 10 minutes Z2

TOTAL - 45 minutes

Sample Day 3


10 minutes Z1 + 3 x (4 minutes WA + 6 minutes Z2) + 10 minutes Z1

TOTAL - 50 Minutes

Sample Day 6


30 minutes Z2 + 20 minutes Z1

TOTAL - 50 minutes

Sample Day 8


2 x (20 minutes Z1 + 5 minutes WA)

TOTAL: 50 minutes

Sample Day 10


2 x (10 minutes Z1 + 10 minutes Z2 + 5 minutes WA)

TOTAL: 50 minutes

Sample Day 13


6km Z1

Sample Day 15


30 minutes Z1 + 5 minutes WA + 15 minutes Z2

TOTAL: 50 minutes


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