10KM Plan 2019 - Intermediate - (Heart Rate) - Turnaround Sports - 18 Weeks

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:00

This 10KM race plan is designed to get you in peak shape for your target "A" race 10Km. There are 5-6 runs a week, plus a day off. Turnaround Sports takes a unique approach that focuses on a number of important factors to get you not only fast but to the finish line as well! To be successful with this plan you should already be running 2-4 times per week and capable of running 3-4 miles non-stop. Guidance is provided via Heart Rate. Each workout will have specific Heart Rate zones for you to hit.

Sample Day 1
Easy Run

Sample Day 7
Easy/Base Miles

Sample Day 8

Sample Day 10
Tempo Day

Sample Day 11
Easy/Base Miles

Sample Day 12
Moderate Run

Sample Day 14
Easy/Base Miles

Tyler Coquelin
Turnaround Sports

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