10K Running + Strength Plan

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:35

Want to feel strong & confident running a 10K? This plan is designed for people who can run at least 2 miles nonstop, but want to progress steadily to running a solid 10K race. This also includes strength work in addition to the running days and an optional cross-training day.

Sample Day 1

2 Miles (ideally flat terrain), even pacing

Sample Day 3

2 Miles (ideally flat terrain):
Intervals of 2 min "6-7" (moderate) effort, 2 min "4-5" effort for entire workout

Sample Day 6

3.5 miles even pacing

Sample Day 7

Sample Day 8

2 Miles (ideally flat terrain), even pacing

Sample Day 10

2.5 Miles (including 2 hill repeats--first is 50% effort or a 5-6 effort on the accent, second is 75% effort or 7-8 effort on the accent. On the decent for both, focus on recovery and do a 4-5 effort).
Ideally hill is between .2-.3 miles long.

Sample Day 13

4 miles total, and "out and back" run:
2 miles out, 2 miles back (conversational)
terrain can be varied, but take your split time at the turn-around point, and focus on having an EVEN split for both segments. If terrain is varied, please take this into account for your run/splits.

Rachel Spurrier
Go & Glow

Training for your first 5k or want a good running/general fitness routine, or have specific time goals for a 10k, half or full marathon? Let's work together! Rachel is a RRCA Certified Running Coach and Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist. She is a 3x Boston Marathon qualifier (each time running qualifying times less than a year postpartum), so she understands firsthand what it is like to get back into running and general fitness after having kids. Contact Rachel for training plans & coaching.