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10 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run

Longest Workout

6 miles

Plan Specs

running 10km beginner intermediate

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This is our 10 weeks to 10K training plan. This whole programme is based around RPE and is designed with first timers in mind. You will need to be able to currently run/walk for at least 20 minutes before starting the programme. If you are not quite there yet why not try our couch to 5K plan which will build you up to the required fitness level to start this programme.

This plan alternates weeks of three runs a week to four a week, to allow for a good recovery and to encourage your development. We have built in some interval sessions and some hill repeats towards the end of the programme to really push your fitness and to develop your confidence in finishing the race.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:38

Chris Wallace

The Triathlon Coaching Company

Chris has many years coaching and teaching experience, is focused on developing athletes to reach their potential. He is passionate about helping others to succeed and understands the needs of the working athlete along with the worries and stresses that all athletes go through, beginners and advanced athletes alike. He has worked with athletes of various levels from total beginners all the way up to Age Group World Championship Qualifiers.

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Sample Day 1

1st 10k session 1

Welcome to your first session. Today is all about just getting out and spending some time on your feet. Take your time over the first 5 minutes building up to an RPE of around 5.

If you need to walk at any point to keep in the RPE listed

Sample Day 3

1st 10k session 2

Todays session is about extending out what we have already completed in the first session. Focus on maintaining the effort level throughout the whole session. Again, if you need to walk during the session thats fine, just start running again when you feel you can.

Sample Day 5

1st 10k session 3

Todays session is about looking at introducing you to running a little faster for brief periods of time, whilst still being able to finish the session well.

Sample Day 7

1st 10K Session 4

Today is about just covering the distance again. Try to focus on staying within the correct RPE range and hold a consistent pace throughout the whole session. Again if you need to walk to recover feel free to do so.

Sample Day 9

1st 10k session 5

Today we are looking at maintaining the time running we have built up from last week. Take it easy and build in to the run section. Make sure you re-hydrate once the session is over to make sure you are ready for the next session.

Sample Day 11

1st 10k session 6

Today we are looking at adding faster repeats to get you moving. Take it easy in the recovery to re-gain your composure ready for the next interval.

Sample Day 13

1st 10k session 7

Today is about just extending the amount of time on your feet, take some water with you if you feel you will need it and try to run for the whole main session.

1st 10K Plan

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