Average Weekly Training Hours 06:56
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:56
Training Load By Week

Are you injured? want to keep the running fitness you had before the injury? This is my signature water running plan that I give to my own athletes who are dealing with injury. all water running is done in the deep water, with a water running belt.
This is 5 weeks of progressive water running and swimming.
we will keep you swimming to maintain your fitness in that area as well.
I once had an injury and followed this plan for a month. I came back and ran my fastest 10km ever. I had gone into the injury super fit, and maintained that fitness through this plan.
It is FUN, it is motivating and it will keep you strong, fit and fast!!!
focus on what you CAN DO, not on what you can't!!!
you can be injured and still be progressing in the sport.
Happy Healing! Siri:)

Sample Day -7
Aqua Jogging: 10 mins of 1/1. 5 of 30/30

10 mins easy
10 mins of 1 min tempo, 1 min cruise
5 mins easy
5 mins of 30 seconds strong/ 30 seconds easy
10 mins easy

Sample Day -6
Feel Good Speed Set

warm up 1500 pb/band as 500 easy/ 500 with 25 fast per 100. 500 building slightly every 100. 500 as kick 50 swim 50. drill 50/swim 50 and repeat...100 easy.
main set: to be done with paddles for power and strength for 3 sets:
4 times through this set
25 FAST/75 easy swim. 10 secs rest
50 FAST/50 easy swim. 10 secs rest
25 FAST/75 easy swim. 10 secs
100 FAST/50 easy swim. 15 secs rest
warm down 100 and done

Sample Day -5

5 mins easy
5x30 seconds HARD/ 30 seconds easy into:
15 mins building in effort every 10 mins: as follows:
5 mins easy. 
5 mins moderate. 
5 mins HARD!!!
easy 5 mins
15 seconds hard/ 45 seconds easy
30 seconds HARD/ 30 seconds easy
45 seconds HARD/ 15 seconds easy
1 min HARD! 2 mins easy x 4.

Sample Day -3
SWIM: kick/band set

8x50 kick
8x50 band only with 25 FAST
6x50 kick
6x50 band only with 25 fast
4x50 kick
4x50 with 25 fast band only
2x50 kick
2x50 band only with 25 FAST

1000 paddles/pb and done.

Sample Day -1

easy 15 mins. then do 15x1:30 hard/ 30 secs easy. 5 mins easy. 10x1:30 hard/ 30 secs easy. 5 mins easy. 5x1:30 hard/ 30 secs easy. 5 mins easy. easy 5-20 mins and done.

Sample Day -1

1000 building slightly in effort every 250m 800 paddles only, for strength. build slightly every 200 in effort. 600 building slightly every 150. keep good form and focus on technique. 400 swim build slightly every 100 pull buoy and band. 200 build every 50 SWIM 100 build every only!! keep turnover high and finish, strong!! warm down 100 and done

Sample Day 0
Speed Set 150's

Warm up:
1500 snorkel pb band( 500 easy 5x100's 25 fast 75 easy, 500 build each 100 )

main set:10x150's
2x150 's (50 HARD 100 EASY)
2x 150's (100 HARD 50 EASY)
2x 150's (1x150 HARD,1x150 EASY)
2x 150 's (100 HARD 50 EASY )
2X 150's (50 HARD 100 EASY)

warm down
500 easy include 4x50's drill

Siri Lindley
Sirius Athletes LLC

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3x70.3 World Championship winning Coach
1xUltraMan World Championship Coach
2xOlympic Medallist Coach
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