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Marjaana Rakai

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4 Weeks

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NEW! I've attached a bodyweight circuit program for you as of MAY2020 as I understand you may not have access to all the equipped.

The purpose of this strength program is to increase muscle endurance, your muscle's ability to produce repeated force for an extended time. As you are preparing for the upcoming winter, this program works on your muscle's ability to produce force again and again, just like in skiing. 

This is an excellent program for you who are relatively new to strength training or have had a break from strength training for more than 2 months.

This Program requires access to gym equipment, more specifically medicine ball, cable or resistance tubes, kettlebells or dumbbells, row cable machine, and pull up bar. Perhaps you already have these, and can do this at home!

The recommendation is to repeat this program for 8-12 weeks. To increase muscular endurance capacity, do this program 2-3 times a week, and if you are looking to maintain your muscular endurance capacity, do this program once a week. As you progress, please add more weights/load to maximize the gain. 

As you can see, I have set up strength training every 3rd day. Some weeks there will be three strength workouts, others only two and recovery week only 1 to allow proper recovery of muscles, tissues and mind.
Repeat this pattern from week 5 and on.

Leave 24 hrs in between hard intervals and strength training to allow neuromuscular recovery. You may do this strength after a longer run to boost human growth hormone secretion which in turn will help your tissues recover faster.

You can also combine this workout with Z2 easy runs/bike/nordic walking/roller skiing as you feel, but leave a good recovery block in between any hard intervals and strength training.

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Marjaana Rakai

Be Sisu Fit Inc.

Marjaana believes as an endurance athlete, you need to be able to move better and the roadmap is via deliberate strength and mobility training. All endurance athletes benefit from not only moving better but building stronger muscles to withstand the repetitive movements during our day-to-day training and achieve efficiency to maximize our capacity.
Her services include endurance, strength and nutritional guidance which complement each other so that you can perform at your best!