Tri Swimmer strength

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:45
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Cruise Interval 2x10km hr#4

BT: Time trial intervals. Warm-up and then do 2 x 10km building to heart rate 4 zone (5-minute recoveries). Flat course. Increase gear size during interval. Time trial bike set up. 85-100 rpm.

Sample Day 2
Cruise ints, 4-5x3 minutes zone 4-5a heart rate

BT: Cruise intervals. Warm up well. Then 4-5 x 3 minutes. Build heart rate to zone 4-5a. 2 minute recovery interval. Relaxed form! Listen to breathing.

Sample Day 3
40 mins hr #2, 20#3

ride for 45 mins hour staying in mid level 2 to build low level aerobic fitness, lung capacity, finishing in zone 3 for 15 mins

Sample Day 4
RG Active Hampton

Sample Day 4
5x 1km @ LT

Warm up well
Building heart rate from zone 1-3, 65-75% of max heart rate.
Main set
5x 1km at LT, 60 active rest
20 mins tempo zone 3 75% mhr

cool down 5
-10 mins easy jog and stretching

Sample Day 6
AeT Steady State

BT: Warm up 20-30 minutes. Then ride 2 hours steady at heart rate zone 2. Observe heart rate at this effort if. What was your average HR for the steady state portion?

Sample Day 7
OWS 3x600 with race starts 100m

200m warm up
3x600m 75% effort 45 rest
swim the 1st 100m like the start of a race trying to build pace and then settle into a steady race pace for the next 500m
cool down 100m

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