Four Pillars Mental Conditioning Plan Level 3

Level 3 of this three-part training plan focuses on racing well. Advanced techniques build on levels 1 and 2 will give you the mental skills to race to your potential.

Many athletes attribute their mental conditioning to much of their success, yet spend no time actually training their minds. This two-week course will give you specific skills to use your head for more than just a place to put your hat. You will gain skill in managing your inner dialog, using visualization enhancements in ways you never knew and organizing your workouts in your mind to eliminate your dread of high-intensity or difficult workouts. Craig Howie and Will Murray specifically designed this program based on their book The Four Pillars of Triathlon: Vital Mental Conditioning for Endurance Athletes. This is not another philosophical “you ought to” sports psychology approach, but a strategic set of fast, easy and durable techniques that any endurance athlete can learn to use quickly and conveniently to improve training, racing and enjoyment of the sport.

Sample Day 1
Intro to Level 3

Welcome to Level 3. Get ready to race. Please view the intro video and complete the techniques indicated. Download and complete the intro worksheet by clicking the paperclip icon above. Nice to have you here. Please view the short video here and if you are interested in the research about squeezing your left fist (mentioned in the video:

Sample Day 2
Setting Goals

Goal Setting; Please download and complete the well-formed outcome pattern by clicking on the paperclip icon above.

Sample Day 3
Best Race Result

Please download and complete the exercise by clicking on the paperclip icon above.

Sample Day 4
Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

Go get your submodality map from Level 1 Day 5. Here's a refresher Review your personal submodalities, then make a movie in your mind's eye of a time shortly after your race. Feel the sensation of having achieved the race you want. Now grab a little pinch of that feeling as though it were magic pixie dust. Think of your next workout. Sprinkle a little pixie dust on it. How did that change your motivation to train? Before each of your workouts, sprinkle a little of this pixie dust around and then get to work.

Sample Day 5

You want to get rid of those things that you wish you did not do, the things that hold you back. Please download and complete the Compulsion Blow-out Pattern by clicking the paperclip icon above.

Sample Day 6
Macca Cycle

Ironman legend Chris McCormick talks about the race as a wheel that turns. Please read the attachment by clicking the paperclip icon and do the exercises.

Sample Day 7
Discipline: Practice Transitions

Engaging the discipline to practice those things that make you fast is important. Please download Superman's Phone booth and do the pattern by clicking the paperclip icon above.