Team Springs 30 day total body workout - level 1

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:24
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:24
Training Load By Week

A part of the Team Springs 30 day Fitness Challenge this workout plan is designed for any who are not used to exercising at all or have not exercised in a long, long time. Equipment: You will need some equipment for this challenge - Dumbbells or stretch bands; Chair or bench;

Sample Day 1
Cardio/Aerobic Walking

Not a 10000 step walk but 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes vigorous, 10 minutes easy (comfortable) pace.

Sample Day 2
Body weight

Pushups - 10; Squats - 10; Reverse crunches - 10; Biceps curl w/ 5-10lbs. - 10; Forward lunge - 10;

Sample Day 3
Cardio/ Aerobic Walk

Sample Day 5
Cardio/Aerobic Walk or run or combo

Sample Day 6
Strength - upper body

1) All of these can be done using either dumbbells or bands.
2) Do 1 circuits of 10 reps each exercise. i.e. 10 press, 10 shrug, 10 L. Raise ...; 
3) take 10 - 15 seconds in between each exercise; 
Seated overhead press 
Standing shrug 
Lateral raise 
Bicep curl
Triceps extension Reverse Fly

Walk for 10 minutes following your circuit.

Sample Day 7
circuit workout

Cardio and strength in one workout!
Walking in place -
         Standard - 1 minute
         High knees - 1 minute
         High Knee to opposite elbow - 1 minute

Sample Day 9

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