Cycling: Couch To Century. 100 miles


Dr Jeff Banas

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Custom, 3 Bike, 1 Other

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs

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This plan will take you from sitting on a couch to completing a 100 mile (Century) bike ride. You key long cycling sessions will be on the weekends. During the week your will only be cycling for 1 hr. So, you can do it before work, over lunch or after work. If you have a bike trainer, EVEN BETTER. Use that for your weekday rides.

When most people think about building up to a 100 mile ride they think volume and more volume. We are not going to do that. We are going to do it right. For the first few weeks we will be doing strength training call Bike Muscular Enhancement. This is an early season workout designed to strengthen and build cycling-specific muscles.

We will then 3 weeks of Foundation Strength exercises to build a solid foundation and core. Then 3 weeks Progressive Strength exercise, where we will be pushing it harder and really making some strength gains.

Now that we have laid a good cycling strength program we will move onto more specific strength training actually on the bike.

Now we will be doing shorter high intensity strength sessions on the bike. Think intensity over volume. The main reason people slow down in long distance events is because their legs get tired and not because of lack of cardio or they are out of breath. This means we will be doing shorter higher intensity sessions during the week then our longer rides on the weekend

If you are already cycling, start at the beginning of the program and do ALL the strength sessions as they are set up, then just adjust the weekend ride to the miles you are currently riding and then just increase that by the same number of miles we do in the program.

So, if you are already riding 30 miles on the weekend, do the weekday plan as is, then use 30 miles as your weekend ride. They if the plan calls for a 5 mile increase in miles on the next weekend ride 35 miles and so on.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:10

Dr Jeff Banas

Banas Sports Therapy And Conditioning

Dr. Jeffrey Banas, Sports Physician, Coach, Former 270 pound "Fatman" to Endurance Athlete & 9 Time Ironman Trialon Finisher.

Do you wonder if there is some untapped speed in your body that could be unleashed with the right training plan?

Do you ever wonder how much time you might be wasting on your workouts?

Are you lacking strength or always getting injured?

Training smart, not long, mobility work and strength training are key components of his training philosophy.

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Sample Day 1

2 easy stand to 2min - Bike

10 min easy
stand 30
stand 1min
2 easy
stand 1.5 min
2 easy
stand 2 min
2 easy stand
1.5 min
2 easy
stand 1 min
2 easy
stand 30sec
easy spin the rest of hour
End with 100 Air Squats 5 sets of 20

Cycling: Couch To Century. 100 miles

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