Average Weekly Training Hours 05:50
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:50
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
pick ups

WU:20 minutes easy-steady
MS:insert 4x1min STRONG efforts with 3 min easy spin in between
The rest is easy to steady riding
CD:15 min easy spin

Sample Day 2

very easy
conversational pace
nose breathing..

Sample Day 2

150 ez
8 x 25’s swim
5 sec. rest between each 25
Main Set:
250 real easy
100 kick steady
4x50 as 25 easy/25 steady
Cd:200 choice easy

Sample Day 3
uphill pick ups

Run Force
Wu:15 minutes easy, build to steady
MS:4x20 second bursts uphill at 5’k pace, JOG 3 minutes easy in between
Cd:15 min JOG
Total: 40 min

Sample Day 4

WU:20 min easy to steady with 3x30 sec pick- ups towards the end
MS:3x4 min at high zone 2 to low zone 3 effort (steady plus/tempo effort) in aero bars or in drops on 3 min spin recovery.
CD:20 min easy

Sample Day 5

100 easy
4 x 50’s swim
4x50 build each 50
10 sec. rest between each
100 swim easy
4x75 as 25 easy, 25 steady, 25 strong
(rest 20 sec)
150 kick easy
200 pull steady
4x25 Strong (20)
Cd:150 easy

Sample Day 6
hill pick ups

Hill repeats to improve muscular endurance and force
WU:15 min easy, find a hill…
MS: Find a moderate, about 1 mile long, hill. Pick a gear that allows for 70 RPM and the Heart Rate in Z2, drifting into Z3. Ride down the hill for recovery. Repeat the hill by gearing up and sustaining the cadence of 65-70 RPM. Keep climbing and gearing up until you can no longer sustain the effort for the whole climb (you have to slow down or gear down). HR in higher zones (at or above the lactate threshold) is allowed for the last effort as long as the effort remains constant.
CD:20 min easy spin