New Alpinism - Aerobic Base Building

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:40
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:40
Training Load By Week

Example plan for Steve House and Scott Johnston. This would what a training plan looks like on a landing page.

Sample Day 2
PT / TRX / Stretch

Sample Day 3
Ride - 3 x 10 efforts

Warm Up for 10 minutes, high cadence moderate effort, then perform the following sets. 3 x 10 minutes at Zone 4 5:00 minutes in between sets Cool down 10 minutes.

Sample Day 4
Long Intervals at T-pace

WU: 10 minutes swim of your choice. MS: 5 x 2:00 minutes at T-pace (1:00 rest) 1:00 kick/swim easy. 5 x 1:00 at T-pace (:30 rest). 1:00 kick/swim easy. CD: 3 x 50 easy swim.

Sample Day 6
Ride 20 miles

Ride 20 miles. Try to stay on the bike, no breaks for as long as possible. Start to train your body to get ride for considerable lengths of time. Feel free to pick up the pace on the second half of the ride if feeling good.

Sample Day 7
Run Intervals - Race Pace Prep

After dynamic warm up: Run 1 mile PE 1 for warm up, followed by: .5 miles Olympic Race Pace (PE 2) .5 miles Sprint Race Pace (PE 3) 1 mile PE 1 for Recovery Repeat 1x Cool down

Kyle Cunningham
Great Day Coaching

Endurance coach based in Boulder, CO who excels at helping new and beginner triathletes accomplish their goals. I specialize in working with athletes new to the sport of triathlon and are looking for a positive and personable coach.

I remember what it is like to be new in triathlon and will work to make sure your race day goals are yours to achieve!