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Minimalist Half or Full Iron Distance 10 WK Off Season Strength Triathlon Plan


Dr Jeff Banas

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

This program can be used for any triathlon distance.

These programs have a lot more strength training than most endurance training plans. There is a reason for this:

Most people slow down in endurance sports NOT because of lack of cardio (out of breath), most people slow down because their legs are tired. Strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue.

Another reason we do strength training is to help with cramping.

Most people cramp in races NOT because of dehydration or salt loss, MOST cramping is because you are pushing your muscles harder and faster than you did in your training. Again strength training non-specific (such as weight lifting) and specific strength (hill running, tempo combined with strength) will build up your body's resistance to fatigue and help reduce cramping.

Do you slow down in races because your legs get tired?

Are you looking to increase strength and reduce injury?

Are you a skinny triathlete looking to bulk up a little?

Interested in strength training but you don't feel like spending hours in the gym?

The focus of this plans is to build strength fast and in the shortest time possible.

You will be doing about 30min strength training 3 times a week, followed by 30 min of base/fat buring running or cycling after the strength sessions.

On the other 2 days during the week you will be doing a swim session and a hight intensity bike session.

Total time exercising during the week in only one hour a day. The strength sessions are the KEY sessions. You can change around the bike and swim session if you want to.

Always choose the strength sessions as the key if you are short on time.

Why do you slow down during your race? Because lack or cardio or because your legs get tired?

If you said because your legs get tired it is time to build up your resistance to fatigue. This program will do that.

Hit the gym 3 time a week for only 30 min doing some heavy lifts. After a few weeks we move into a more functional "CrossFit" style of training. However, unlike CrossFit, we have a goal in mind. Increase strength training for triathlon.

This program also includes training and recovery "Biohacks"

Strength, recovery, weight loss and race day supplement protocols.
Performance, Fat Loss, Nutrition Solutions from Dr. Jeff Banas

All training plans include a 50% discount for a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Banas. This is an opportunity to talk personally with Dr. Banas about your race schedule, fitness or fat lose goals, supplement suggestions, sleep and recovery options, stress, performance bio-hacks and even blood or lab test that may be helpful for you.

The normal cost for a 20 min consultation with Dr. Banas is $97.00. However, since you purchased this training plan, you can get a 30 to 45 min consultation with Dr. Banas for only $47.00.

If you want to take the next step and personalize your fitness goals, please go the the below link and download the New Client Coaching form, fill it out and email it to

Then just make a $47.00 PayPal payment to

Once these are done, Dr. Banas will review the information sheet and contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk on the phone or by Skype.

If you have any other information, such has blood or lab studies, x-ray or MRI reports, please also send those to Dr. Banas.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
—— ——
0:15 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——
—— ——
0:51 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
—— ——
0:15 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——
—— ——
0:51 hrs 1:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

Dr Jeff Banas

Banas Sports Therapy And Conditioning

Dr. Jeffrey Banas, Sports Physician, Coach, Former 270 pound "Fatman" to Endurance Athlete & 9 Time Ironman Trialon Finisher.

Do you wonder if there is some untapped speed in your body that could be unleashed with the right training plan?

Do you ever wonder how much time you might be wasting on your workouts?

Are you lacking strength or always getting injured?

Training smart, not long, mobility work and strength training are key components of his training philosophy.

Sample Day 1

30 -45 min Run in Fat Burining Zone After

Sample Day 3

30 Min Bike in Fat Buring Zone After

Sample Day 4

4 easy 1 min all out

WU 10 min . Main set 4 min easy 1 min all out hard. ALL OUT EFFORT FOR ONE MIN. All out means above race pace. Why above race pace? Watch this video Repeat for the prescribed time.

Sample Day 13

8x1/4 mile Bike Intervals

6 x 1/4 mile Bike intervals at Z4 Z5 or at 95% of VO2 Max (this would be faster than race pace if you don't know the above numbers) 1min 30 recovery between sets 1,2, 3 3 min recover between set 4 and 5 then 1min 30 sec recovery between set 5,6, 7 8 The goal is to maintain the same pace through all the sets. Pace should be faster than race pace with short recoveries. This means that as we do more intervals there is not enough time for the body to fully recover. If you reach the end of the last set and you feel that you can't do another set, then you got the pacing and the intervals about right. Warm up with some movement prep exercises. This is a great warm up

Sample Day 18

1 hr bike at aerobic base

Sample Day 32

9min hard 1min easy ladder

Warm up 10 min 9 min easy 1min hard, 8 min easy 1 min, 7 min easy 1 min hard, repeat down to 1 easy 1 hard. Increase the tension on these hard intervals so we can combine them with a strength session

Sample Day 34

Big Gear Bike Climbs

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes, then (indoors or outdoors) do 4-5x8-10 minute climbs at just 50-60rpm to build strength. HR not very important to observe but should be somewhere in Zones 3-4. 5 minutes easy spinning at 90+rpm between each.

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