Endurance Swims

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

Improve your swimming during the winter. What better time to improve upon your race, to get you prepped for the upcoming season! These workouts will start out easy, with technique focusing, then work towards speed and endurance!

Sample Day 1

100 swim
8x25 kick on side 4-R 4-L
100 swim
6x25 6k switch
100 swim
4x25 1 arm stroke (breath to opposite side) 2 r 2 l
100 swim work on rotation

200 pull with buoy and paddles
4x50 swim with just paddles
100 pull with buoy only
2x50 AFAP with fins

200 cool down

1800 yards

Sample Day 3

2x200 swim 25 drill+50swim+25 kick
2x100 kick 25 side+25 stomach with rotation+side+back
2x50 build ea. 25

4x50 swim with fins and paddles
4x75 50 drill+25 sprint
4x100 kick alt. 25 fast/25 easy with fins

100 warm down

2700 yards

Sample Day 5

4x (100 swim+75 kick no board+50 non free+25 AFAP)

4x25 rotation drill with fins on (snorkel if you have one)
1x100 swim with fins (focus on rotation while swimming)
4x25 6 kick and switch (with fins and snorkel)
1x100 swim focus on rotation
4x25 r arm swim
4x25 l arm swim
1x100 AFAP with fins (rotate, rotate, rotate)

12x25 (12.5 yards kick AFAP+12.5 easy swim)
300 pull with paddles breath 3/5/7/9 by 25

2300 yards

Sample Day 8

300 (100 fr/100kick/50 fist drill/50skull)
200 (50 non fr/50 choice drill/25 R arm drill/25 L arm drill/50 fre)
100 kick with board
50 build

8x50 Odds: middle 25 fast Evens: Fast in flagsā€¦no breathing before finish
400 paddles and fins
4x50 recovery backstroke or breastroke

1650 yards

Sample Day 10

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

8x50 desc. 1-4, hold 5-8
12x25 variable speed

6x100 AFAP @R 1:00
4x25 kick on side 2 right 2 left
12x25 fins and paddles AFAP
4x25 fist drill
300 build, last 100 should be fastest pace you can hold
4x25 1 arm, 2 right 2 left

100 technique focus
2800 yards

Sample Day 12

400 every 4th length drill
300 every 3rd length kick
200 every other 25 build
100 pull breath every 4

3x200 moderate pace@R:15
3x100 middle 50 fast@R:15
3x50 AFAP@R:30

2x200 paddles only swim@R:10-15
2x100 fins only@R:10-15
2x50 fins and paddles@R:10

1x200 AFAP for time@R1:00
1x100 AFAP for time@R1:00
1x50 AFAP for time@R1:00

200 easy

3300 yards

Sample Day 15

500 swim
200 kick
8x50 desc. 1-4,5-8

500 pull with paddles breath 3/5 by 50
10x100 kick with fins Odds: with board Evens: on side

100 AFAP
10x75@100 free time
200 AFAP
8x150@200 time

4850 yards