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Brian Kall

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7 Bike

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2:37 hrs

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:39

Brian Kall

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I offer custom and off the rack plans for riders of all skill levels whether you are targeting elite level racing or general fitness and speed. I love to communicate directly with my athletes and don't impose any time restrictions. Contact me at coach@gofullgas.com.

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Sample Day 1

2 Hour- Cat 1/2 Descending pyramid-

Cumulative Minutes Time 20 Warmup- 30 sec spinups, Single Leg drills, etc 26 6 Cp60, hard but not insane 29 3 rest 34 5 Cp60, hard but not insane 37 3 rest 41 4 CP30, harder, not crazy 43 2 rest 46 3 CP30, harder, not crazy 48 2 rest 50 2 CP30, don't let your power drop 52 2 rest 53 1 CP12, work it 54 1 rest 55 1 CP12, work it 60 5 rest 63 3 CP30, harder, not crazy 66 3 rest 69 3 CP30, harder, not crazy 72 3 rest 75 3 CP30, harder, not crazy 78 3 rest 81 3 CP30, harder, not crazy 85 4 rest 120 35 Tempo ride at CP60

Sample Day 2

7x1 Attacks

This is an intense interval designed to increase aerobic intensity and endurance. After a good warmup, 15 - 20 minutes, go CP1 for 1 minute. Then recover for 4 minutes, getting your HR down to under 100bpm. Repeat 7 times.

Sample Day 3

Cat 1/2 5 x 90 second attack intervals

After good warm-up, you're going to attack out of the saddle for up to 20 seconds, then hold at race effort (CP6) to close out90 seconds total. Ride easy for 1.5 minute. Repeat for 5 total intervals. Ride easy for 10 minutes then repeat. Ride up to 20 minutes tempo to finish.

Sample Day 4

Cat 1/2 AE intervals with sprints

BT: Anaerobic Endurance intervals. Flat. 2-3 x 8-12 second CP0.2 sprints (3-5 minute recoveries). Then 4-5 x 3 minutes at CP6 (3 minute recoveries) & 2-3 more sprints. High cadence. Aero position.

Sample Day 5

Cat 1/2 AE intervals, short, descending

BT: Descending intervals. Warm-up well and then do 2-1.5-1-0.5 minutes in the heart rate/effort 5b-c zones, or CP6 power. Recovery is the same as the preceding interval. Do 3 sets total. Recover 5 minutes between sets. Follow with up to 30 minutes tempo

Sample Day 6

Cat 1/2 Killer 30's

3 sets of 13 x 30 seconds with 15-second rest intervals after each WI and 3 minutes of extended recovery between each of the 3 sets You'll want to get a good warm up for this one. Your 30 second efforts are as hard as you can go. You can pretty much stop pedalling for 15 seconds during your recovery period, but I'd recommend pedalling a little bit. After 13 you get to rest for 3 minutes then repeat 2 more times. Cool down.

Sample Day 7

Cat 1/2- 2 and 1

This is an intense interval designed to increase aerobic intensity and endurance. After a good warmup, 15 - 20 minutes, go 100% for 2 minutes, rest for 1 min. Go 100% for 1 min, rest for 1 min. Repeat 7 times.

Just the intervals

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